Merle’s Story Part 7: An Unfortunate Superpower

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For those of you following along, Merle, our unfortunate protagonist, has just been transported back in time by his time-travelling-farting friend.  He’s back just before his unfortunate accident and now needs to rectify his previous mistakes.  The story continues…

He looked closely at her face; she looked a few years older than he had originally thought. He guessed that this hadn’t been – or wouldn’t be – the first time she had been with a man. He was old enough to drink and old enough to drive, hell he was old enough to vote, so he figured that eighteen made him a man. He took a moment to look her up and down: she had the biggest boobs he had seen in his young life. Her tiny frame seemed to amplify their size, and he took a moment to silently congratulate himself on landing such a girl for first expedition in to the as yet unknown world of sex. Her skirt was short: it only just covered her lady parts (he was only just in adulthood – remnants of childhood still resurfaced occasionally and thinking about what was under her skirt fell into that category). It was tartan and pleated, and he knew what was underneath and more than anything, he wanted to slip his hand under it (that bit came from the adult part of him) and rediscover what was under there. His head was beginning to clear and his situation was becoming clearer. His recollection of what had happened almost two hours earlier (at least from his point of view) was returning. But he was still sitting next to a woman who was perhaps as much as ten years his senior, with huge boobs, no knickers, and wanted to screw him. He could feel himself getting hard as he looked at her, and he had to look away to remind himself why he was here.

“Sorry Hayley,” he said, shaking his head. “If it’s okay, I’m going to take you home. I think, I think,” he stuttered as he tried to think of something that would sound believable. Hayley ran a finger over her breast as he struggled with English, pausing over the nipple and drawing slow circles around it. “I think,” he said again.

“You said that already,” Hayley said. “Do you want to know what I think?”

“I think I know what you think”, Merle said, “I’m getting a good picture of that.”

“Would you like a better picture?” Her hands slipped to the bottom of her tight sweatshirt and she began to pull it up. When she had revealed her stomach, Merle leaned across and put his hands on hers.

“Please don’t.” He couldn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth. “I think we should save this for another time.”

“Another time? What’s wrong with now?” She pulled her sweater back down and tugged her skirt, so it covered up an inch more of her thighs. “I thought you wanted this.” She sounded disappointed.

“I did – I do. I just think we should do this another time, is all.”

“Fine. Take me home.” Hayley’s tone left Merle with no doubts that another time might be a long time coming, at least with this woman.

He faced front, turned the key and slowly pulled out of the woods and back onto the road.

There was no talking as he drove Hayley home. Merle was hoping for a kiss as he pulled up outside her house, but Hayley got out without so much as a hint that she wanted to kiss him. As she slammed the door behind her, Merle wound down the window and shouted after her.

“Goodnight Hayley. I’m sorry.” And he was. Sure, he had saved her life. That was a plus. He had missed out on an evening with the best woman a first-timer could ever ask for, and that was not. The fact that he had already lost his virginity to this woman – in his mind, if not his body – was something that would not occur to him for quite some time, and when it did, it would feel like a poor runners-up prize.

Hayley looked back when he had shouted. She turned around and blew him a kiss. As she did, she raised the hem of her pleated skirt; just enough to show him that she was not wearing any knickers. She let the skirt fall back and shrugged at Merle, look what you missed. Merle knew what he had missed. That memory was still fresh in his mind, but these testicles were still full, and Merle would have to take care of that by himself.

That’s it for Part 7.  Hope you’re enjoying…  Part 8 next Wednesday.

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