Fragment Friday: Dystopian Shopping Edition

This started off as a bit of a joke, the title came from a friend (Thanks CH), it was purely a writing exercise initially, but i keep adding to it. Who knows where it will lead, but I'm enjoying it for the moment. I hope you can too. The scaffolding the man stood on towered … Continue reading Fragment Friday: Dystopian Shopping Edition


How to get your hands on 30k words of FREE fiction

For a long time, I've been offering a free story to readers as an incentive to join my email list. It has been chugging along, adding people here and there, but I felt like I wanted to offer something more. Something different. But what? Two stories? I'm not sure if I can sell myself on … Continue reading How to get your hands on 30k words of FREE fiction

Chapterbuzz 10k Challenge: Update 8

Check out the full story so far HERE. Yesterday, we left the children in the jungle in Ellie's bedroom.  Furniture has been transformed, as has the humidity.  This time, the children decide to turn a page... “But what if the book goes?” “We’ll hold it.” Flynn reached down and picked up the book, careful to … Continue reading Chapterbuzz 10k Challenge: Update 8

Merle’s Story Part 10: An Unfortunate Superpower

Link to part 9 and other parts. If you've been following along with Merle's story, you will know by now that this young man has discovered his superpower and also the damage it can do. last time we left him trying to clear the air with his eight-year-old time travelling friend.  He was just in … Continue reading Merle’s Story Part 10: An Unfortunate Superpower