Six Word Horror Saturday

You know the score: can I write something chilling in 6 words? That's the aim. "Son or daughter. Choose who lives." Too many zombies. Not enough shells. She fell. He grabbed and missed. The rollercoaster jumped off its rails. Today's bonus: "Honey, the bank manager is here." Have a go. You know you want to.

Personal Blogging – The voice — Zoewiezoe

Once you start really ‘getting into’ blogging – you discover a world full of people that have something to say. There’s an insane amount of bloggers out there in the universe (a freakishly high amount of which seem to reside in India, where blogging is still hot and happening, apparently) and each and every one […]Personal … Continue reading Personal Blogging – The voice — Zoewiezoe

Spennyriver Dispatch – Funding Cuts To Impact Local Services

Spennyriver is a small town deep in the heart of the Midlands, UK. The Spennyriver Dispatch is the local paper bringing you all the local news, keeping you up to date with all the happenings in this strange town. It's like a regular town with regular people. Just weirder. Funding cuts to impact local services … Continue reading Spennyriver Dispatch – Funding Cuts To Impact Local Services

Making a Good Impression via Zoom — [Reblog] Nicholas C. Rossis

I don’t know about you but nowadays I find myself increasingly often in front of my computer camera talking to friends and clients. It looks like video calls are now a real thing and not just a prediction whose time had never come. But that only creates new problems, doesn’t it? Especially when you Zoom […]Making … Continue reading Making a Good Impression via Zoom — [Reblog] Nicholas C. Rossis

32 Royalty-Free Image Sites With Examples

I read a post a while ago about someone having some legal trouble after using an image on his blog that belonged to someone else. I think he had taken an image from a Google search, and the owner of that image made things very awkward for this person. Ever Since reading that post, I … Continue reading 32 Royalty-Free Image Sites With Examples

Six Word Horror

Something nice and short for your Saturday... 6 Word Horror. Tales to chill in just 6 words. His oxygen was just about depleted. "Say hello to your aunt Alicia." Escape was no longer an option. Zombies were much faster than expected. Bonus: Time skipped it was 2020 again. My question to you: Any favourites … Continue reading Six Word Horror

Scientific Explanations For Ghosts

Last week I attempted to provide you with proof that ghosts were real and being as almost 50% of people believe in them already, I imagine I will have convinced about half of you. For the other half of you that don't believe, why did my 'proof' not convince you? I showed you photographs and … Continue reading Scientific Explanations For Ghosts