Six Word Horror Saturday

You know the score: can I write something chilling in 6 words? That's the aim. "Son or daughter. Choose who lives." Too many zombies. Not enough shells. She fell. He grabbed and missed. The rollercoaster jumped off its rails. Today's bonus: "Honey, the bank manager is here." Have a go. You know you want to.

Six Word Horror

Something nice and short for your Saturday... 6 Word Horror. Tales to chill in just 6 words. His oxygen was just about depleted. "Say hello to your aunt Alicia." Escape was no longer an option. Zombies were much faster than expected. Bonus: Time skipped it was 2020 again. My question to you: Any favourites … Continue reading Six Word Horror

Scientific Explanations For Ghosts

Last week I attempted to provide you with proof that ghosts were real and being as almost 50% of people believe in them already, I imagine I will have convinced about half of you. For the other half of you that don't believe, why did my 'proof' not convince you? I showed you photographs and … Continue reading Scientific Explanations For Ghosts

Six Word Horror

Can you come up with something chilling in just 6 words? Here are my attempts this week: The Zombies were his least concern Sometime running is all you've got. The Photo had gained another face. The universe's last light winked out. My question to you: Can you do better? Let me know below. Bonus: Boris … Continue reading Six Word Horror

How To Listen To Audiobooks on Spotify

I talked a few posts ago about some of my favourite Stephen King short stories as audiobooks and hinted that they could be found on YouTube if you looked. I wanted to look at audiobooks that are free, in the public domain so started to look into where you could get these from. When I … Continue reading How To Listen To Audiobooks on Spotify

Road To A [Horror] Comic – October And Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Jump to Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone This is harder than I anticipated. Not the drawing part - I knew how difficult that was going to be. No, I'm referring to fitting in all the things I want to do! I lost my job (spoiler alert) last year and that has … Continue reading Road To A [Horror] Comic – October And Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

‘One Cut of the Dead’ (2019) Review — ScreenAge Wasteland

I have more zombie recommendations next week, and this is a massive SPOILER - this is on my list, but the film is so good, and I've just read this review over on ScreenageWasteland that I had to share... “Fast, cheap, but average.” So, sometimes in the life of a reviewer you’re called upon (or … Continue reading ‘One Cut of the Dead’ (2019) Review — ScreenAge Wasteland

Road to a [Horror] Comic – Sept 2020

Way back when, I had decided that I would try to create my own comic book version of one of my short stories, and every couple of weeks or so, I was posting my progress towards that end. Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, life kinda stepped in the way, and those posts (along … Continue reading Road to a [Horror] Comic – Sept 2020

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #7

Saturday again and first, an apology: I missed last Saturday's instalment of The Photograph. My life is, apparently, a lot more complicated than I already thought it was! Last time, our main man, BIFF KELLER, was recounting the moment the true power of the photograph was explained to him by his missing friend, THORLEY LANGDON. … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #7