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Any mystery fans out there? Act quickly…

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Did you enjoy the books in yesterday’s 99c mystery/thriller promotion?

Well, I did promise I’d have another offer to share with you today, didn’t I? So here it is…

Anne R Tan is running a mystery, suspense & thriller promotion starting today, 19th March.

It ends 21 March and all books are FREE via Instafreebie. So if that tickles your fancy, get clicking below to check out what’s on offer:

I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend picking up some great new reads!

Alannah Foley
aka ‘The Pyjama Writer’

Alannah Foley - aka The Pyjama Writer




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Chapterbuzz 10k Challenge: Update 8

Check out the full story so far HERE. Yesterday, we left the children in the jungle in Ellie's bedroom.  Furniture has been transformed, as has the humidity.  This time, the children decide to turn a page... “But what if the book goes?” “We’ll hold it.” Flynn reached down and picked up the book, careful to … Continue reading Chapterbuzz 10k Challenge: Update 8

Give Your Readership A Massive Boost With Instafreebie

I have a guest post toda over at Nicholas Rossis ‘ blog. It’s a piece about building an email list through Instafreebie promotions…

Nicholas C. Rossis

A few weeks ago, author Steve Boseley, a regular in this blog, contacted me to participate in my newsletter group. When discussing the details, I suggested he grows his own list first, as it consisted of a mere handful of addresses. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of using Instafreebie to grow his list, and he promised to share his experience. He has now done so, with great success, and has written what’s probably the best post on the subject I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Steve!

Give your readership a massive boost with Instafreebie

Instafreebie logo steve boseley

As a relatively new author, I am very quickly learning the importance of having and building an email list. Having a direct line to a reader’s inbox gives me an opportunity not usually available through social media and other channels, and that is to start forming and building relationships with readers.

It took me…

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Fragment Friday: Phillip T. Stephens Edition

Today, I have a guest author showcasing his book on Fragment Friday.  May I offer for your enjoyment, Phillip T. Stephens, who today will be sharing an excerpt from his southwestern suspense novel, Cigerets, Guns & Beer. Can I point out, that the spelling of cigarets appears as it absolutely should.  It is an alternative spelling in the … Continue reading Fragment Friday: Phillip T. Stephens Edition

New Environmental Writing Competition – £500 first prize!

Really quick post, but I thought this opportunity was too good not to pass on. Green Alphabet Writing Prize. Flipside, the East Anglian literary and arts festival, is launching a writing competition for writers of all ages in a search for inspirational writing about the environment. Here’s what you do. Choose any letter of the … Continue reading New Environmental Writing Competition – £500 first prize!

What Should an Author Blog About?

Mr Story Reading Ape has shared an excellent article on what should an author blog about. Anybody reading my blog may say ‘Steve, you need to read this’ Well i’ve read it…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Anne R. Allen

The most common question I get from authors who are thinking about starting a blog is: “What should an author blog about?”

My answer isn’t the same as what you’ll hear from the major blogging gurus. That’s because 90% of the advice on blogging is about business blogs—ones that sell advertising. Most of their rules simply don’t apply to authors. We’re blogging to sell our own books, not other people’s products.

Business bloggers will tell you to find a niche, stick with it, and blog 3-5 times a week. They’ll say you need lots of bells and whistles and they’ll urge you to be aggressive about snagging subscribers with tricks and bribes.

But if you’re blogging to promote a fiction writing career, forget niches, numbers, and competitive behavior. Instead, aim to be friendly, welcoming and entertaining.

Also: don’t let your blog take over your fiction writing…

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Deep – #writephoto

A story set down in a cave. In the dark. With a dragon. How much more do you need? Read and enjoy…

Trent's World (the Blog)


Lisa and I had been hiking for three days when found ourselves at our destination.  Our “destination” was a 150 meter drop straight down into the blackness.  The locals called it “the mouth of the dragon” and I could see why.  It was the type of cave that inspired local myths and legends.  But we had to do it, one more item to check off of our bucket list.

We camped overnight and studied the guides one last time.  The little guide pamphlets seemed to have been translated into English by a madman and it was hard to make heads or tails of some sections, but we were able to understand all of the technical parts.  Some things don’t change from country to country.  The night passed quick, with just a few of the typical “day before the adventure” nerves.  In the morning we quickly got everything ready.

Lisa and…

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Merle’s Story Part 10: An Unfortunate Superpower

Link to part 9 and other parts. If you've been following along with Merle's story, you will know by now that this young man has discovered his superpower and also the damage it can do. last time we left him trying to clear the air with his eight-year-old time travelling friend.  He was just in … Continue reading Merle’s Story Part 10: An Unfortunate Superpower