Six Reasons to Revise and Re-Release Your Book [Reblog]

This post was originally published over on . There is a ton of useful information over on the site, so I suggest a visit is in order! To the post... Six Reasons to Revise and Re-Release Your Book Several years ago I met a guy at a writer’s conference who had a 400-page science … Continue reading Six Reasons to Revise and Re-Release Your Book [Reblog]


Focusing Your Novel With a Journalist’s Trick

Six questions to help focus your novel…

A Writer's Path

by Andrea Lundgren

Okay, perhaps it’s more of a tool than a trick, but journalists have been using the “Who-What-Where-When-Why-and-How” format on hard news pieces for well over a century (to judge by the sort of articles they write, where each of these items are addressed), and I’ve found the six questions are equally useful when writing a novel.

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Serial Saturday: Die, Blossom, Bloom [horror] #12

Saturday again and time for another helping of Horror, with Die, Blossom, Bloom. Last time, our protagonist, TED HARRIS, was reliving the night his wife died, and his efforts to do something with her body. Warning: It starts to get a bit gory from this point, but only whilst we speak of the way in … Continue reading Serial Saturday: Die, Blossom, Bloom [horror] #12

Damned Words 32

A selection of flash horror pieces over at My favourite is Did I Even Hear it? by Jon Olsen. See what takes your fancy…

Hope for the Chosen
Lee A. Forman

Within the ancient holder of feed, bodies writhe against one another like worms without purpose. We wait, huddled together, watching. Late deciders add to the pile, releasing their last cries before they join the rest in their naked, fleshy nest.

The earth beneath us trembles. It will soon arrive. My senses hum with anticipation. I have never missed a feeding, yet the vigor of my heart always retains its strength.

It comes on two massive legs, its full height towering above us. Cheers erupt from both the crowd and the meal. Its single eye scans the audience; it looks directly at me. I feel its power, a raw energy which blesses my existence. Its arm reaches in and brings living meat into its enormous circular mouth. Screams of joy from the lucky chosen can still be heard even after disappearing into its blood-soaked…

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The Key Stages of Discovering You Were Put on This Earth to Write Stuff! #Writer #Writing #MondayBlogs

Something to smile about on Monday …


Oprah Winfrey once said:

“We’re all called. If you’re here breathing, you have a contribution to make to our human community. The real work of your life is to figure out your function–your part in the whole–as soon as possible, and then get about the business of fulfilling it as only you can.”

This post is dedicated to all of us who, at some stage in our lives, discovered we do have a contribution to make to our human community and that is – to write stuff!

We woke up one morning and realised we were not being called to make music, to dance, to race around an athletic track, to score goals at the Football World Cup, to design beautiful clothes or to create jaw dropping sculptures. Nope, we were being called to write…stuff!

After a lot of soul-searching we came to the conclusion that our life purpose was…

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Serial Saturday – Die, Blossom, Bloom #11 [Horror]

Happy Saturday! Part 11 of my horror novella, Die, Blossom, Bloom today. You can read the last part HERE. Last time, pensioner TED HARRIS, faced with evidence of his crime, admitted that a fragment of bone discovered in his garden was indeed, from his wife. Local teenager, JORDAN BUTLER-THOMPSON, pays the price for his discovery, when … Continue reading Serial Saturday – Die, Blossom, Bloom #11 [Horror]

Spennyriver Dispatch – July 4th Edition – The Beach in The Town

Spennyriver is a small town deep in the heart of the Midlands, UK. The Spennyriver Dispatch is the local paper bringing you all the local news, keeping you up to date with all the happenings in this strange town. It's like a regular town with regular people. Just weirder. Inside todays edition: Spennyriver welcomes The … Continue reading Spennyriver Dispatch – July 4th Edition – The Beach in The Town

Between bloggers – How to have a successful hiatus

As someone who has taken several (enforced) breaks from blogging and writing in general, this post really resonated with me. It means I’m not the only one that has felt that way, and that coming back with a new plan is okay…

Cyranny's Cove

First of July. This morning I told myself…

Dang it!

Yes, dang it, with the “taking a break from blogging”. First and foremost because, let’s be honest, it wasn’t a real break from the Bloggosphere. During my pause, I still worked on a daily basis on our now one month old Word of the Day Challenge. (please do visit, if you liked WordPress’ Daily Post!)

I did stop writing, though. At first, I thought I would write somewhere else during my hiatus, write a journal, or fill napkins with handwriten useless poetry. But I didn’t. At first it was painfull. Almost physically. I would sit on my couch at night, and think about how I would normally have been writing this or that, or replying to comments, while Chéri watched his favorite shows. I became irritated, and pensive, and the blues hit me a couple of times. And I remembered how much more difficult…

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Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Writing Contest: “VOODOO” is Here. Let The Games Begin! (July 2018)

An opportunity too good to pass up on. Check out Dan’s amazing offer…

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2Announcing the July 2018

Word Weaver Writing Contest!

Enter your amazing piece of writing! We have over $400 of valuable prize packages!

and a special bonus

ALL entries will be critiqued by ME!

Yep, I’m going to personally critique your submission.

Wow, I’m gonna be busy. But you’re worth it. Probably.


Enter your amazing piece of writing! Or two! Or more! I will decide the winners and award a HUGE prize package plus some other amazing goodies. (Last time, contestants entering multiple pieces allowed me to find a story I liked. Smart move.) 

YOU will have the month of July to enter an amazing piece of your own writing to our contest.

Here’s what you do:

Yep, you guessed it: enter a piece of your writing in the contest. (Nothing gets by you, Smarty McSmarterson!)

The contest “theme” is intentionally broad:


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Serial Saturday: Die, Blossom, Bloom #10 [Horror]

It's been 4 whole weeks since i was able to post an episode in this horror novella series. If you want to catch up, you can read the first part HERE and the most recent part HERE. Let me bring you up to seed if you're just joining: Pensioner, TED HARRIS, is troubled by dreams … Continue reading Serial Saturday: Die, Blossom, Bloom #10 [Horror]