Serial Saturday: [Horror] The Book #1

So last Saturday was a gap week, following the end of Die, Blossom, Bloom. A chance to cleanse your palate, if you like, before your next story begins as it does today. This time, I would like to offer you a short horror story from my first collection, A Sinister Six. The story is The … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror] The Book #1


Horror Writing Tips: How to Scare People



You sacrificed a precious hour watching innocent people become lunch meat, and now it’s your bedtime. Tucked underneath cozy comforters, the darkness inside your mind turns on, just like the television inside your living room.

You can’t use a television remote to change the channel inside your mind.

If a thirsty zombie is about to give a cheerleader a hickey from hell, you can turn off the television, especially if you’re not into that kind of shit. However, your imagination keeps the show going…whether you like it or not.

Empathy is the magic ability to imagine what it’s like to experience an innocent victim’s potentially deadly situation.

Let’s give it a horrific shot: imagine a sweaty jogger huffing and puffing through a happy forest. It’s a sunny day, of course. Birds chirp their new hit single. Bears nibble on blueberries. Oh no! Look over there! A masked maniac stumbles near an oak tree. He’s…

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Writing on the move! I’ve Discovered a New Tool!

So, I've been away on holiday. Hooray for me! My wife, son and myself have spent the last week in sunny Devon, and very nice it was, but I've been working on an idea for a novel which I didn't want to leave behind for a whole week. Of course I took my notepad and … Continue reading Writing on the move! I’ve Discovered a New Tool!

Infographic: Timeline of the Far Future

Have to count myself among the nerds. This is awesome!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Knowledge is Beautiful | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksI came across a lovely book the other day–Knowledge is Beautiful. Featured on the Wall Street Journal and The Guardian, this rich 256-page book visualizes captivating and intriguing patterns and connections across art, science, health, and pop.

Covering everything from dog breeds and movie plots to timelines of the far future and the complexity of relationships of the Middle East, this stunning book unveils the intricate, invisible and sometimes hilarious stories lurking in the data, information & knowledge surrounding us.

You can see an example of the amazing information on this page, which lists just how close to truth a selection of “Based on a True Story” movies really are: check out Based on a True Story for more!

But you can also check out the following infographic, perfect for sci-fi lovers (and, yes, nerds like me), called timelines of the far future:

Timeline of the Far Future | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books

Source: Timeline of the Far Future

[tweetthis]Infographic: Timeline of…

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4 Misconceptions About Writing a Novel

A Writer's Path

by Michael Cristiano

When it comes to writing, there is nothing more daunting than writing a novel. Okay, maybe attempting to write a saga of twelve novels is a little bit more daunting, but let’s stick to just one for now. In my opinion, writing a novel is a little more difficult than say a short story or a poem. That’s not to say it’s more difficult than writing a good short story or poem, that’s just to point out that short stories and poems don’t generally run 60,000+ words — unless you’re Homer and write two epic poems that come in at over 200,000.

In any case, the enormity of a novel is disillusioning enough on its own, so while we’re at it, let’s disillusion some more.

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Serial Saturday – [Horror] Die, Blossom, Bloom #FinalPart

Well, we've made it to the end of this novella. If you've been reading along, I hope you enjoyed it. It was quite dark in parts and the ending didn't quite work out the way I had imagined. Last week, Ted had finally offloaded his secret and also the terrible things he had done to … Continue reading Serial Saturday – [Horror] Die, Blossom, Bloom #FinalPart

Writing Tips: Step-by-Step Story Writing Process

Writings By Ender

Shout out to da-AL at for saying she would like to read a post about my writing process. Please take some time to read her work! It makes me happy to engage with people like da-AL who takes their time to comment on people’s work. And so, if you are so inclined, what kind of writing-, book-, or literature-related post would you like to see on my site? Comment below with your suggestions, and remember to like this post and follow Writings By Ender.

Writing about the process of writing feels strange, and it makes me feel naked in that by writing about it I am revealing parts of myself to you. Should I feel this way? The answer is, hesitantly, yes. The very nature of writing is an act of vulnerability. So, if by talking about my writing process I am exposing myself to you, then I hope…

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Pennyriver Dispatch – August 2018 – Lightning Strikes Three

Spennyriver is a small town deep in the heart of the Midlands, UK. The Spennyriver Dispatch is the local paper bringing you all the local news, keeping you up to date with all the happenings in this strange town. It's like a regular town with regular people. Just weirder. Three men are recovering in the … Continue reading Pennyriver Dispatch – August 2018 – Lightning Strikes Three

Serial Saturday – [Horror] Die, Blossom, Bloom#18

Another week already! my last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy, with building work happening at my house (see previous post). I've even had to resort to writing with pen and paper #oldschool. But today, we pride on with my horror novella, Die, Blossom, Bloom. Last time, our protagonist, TED HARRIS, was faced … Continue reading Serial Saturday – [Horror] Die, Blossom, Bloom#18

Diary of an Author with Multiple Sclerosis – August 2018

The last few weeks have been incredibly challenging for me, both as a writer, and someone with a degenerative condition. If any of you follow this blog (and I know there are at least one or 2 of you – thanks mum!), you may have noticed a gap of several weeks’ worth of posts. Things … Continue reading Diary of an Author with Multiple Sclerosis – August 2018