Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #6

Saturday already? I think I must have fallen asleep, because it only feels like moments ago that I was posting an edition of Serial Saturday. Last time, ten year old SETH ROGERS had slipped out at night and, with a bit of help from RED, had slipped a knife through the heart of a sleeping … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #6


Road to a [Horror] Comic: Week 5-6

This week has been difficult as I've tried to juggle a week off work (family time) with my writing (several lengthy blog posts) and this comic. Oh, I'm also trying to watch Game of Thrones for the first time, so trying to fit in at least an episode every day has come in to my … Continue reading Road to a [Horror] Comic: Week 5-6

E-sports: Not Just for Nerds (Infographic)

As both a sportsman and nerd (both can be true) this caught my eye. But e-sports in the Olympic Games? Not sure about that…

Nicholas C. Rossis

When I first read about the rise of e-sports on NJgames, I laughed it off. The whole concept made no sense to me: people paying good money to watch others play games. And gamers getting paid to play said games. For a self-confessed nerd like me, this made no sense whatsoever. Why watch someone play instead of playing yourself?

Which only proves how out of tune I’m getting as I get older, I guess. Don’t believe me? Let’s start with my friend, Alex, whose 5-year-old’s favorite YouTube channel is that of a boy playing with his toys.

And let’s continue with some astonishing facts, like the $25 million prize offered by the most recent massive video game tournament, The International Dota 2 Championships (2018). Or the $360 million made by teams thanks to sponsorships and the 335 million viewers watching e-sports, only 40% of whom have actually ever played…

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How To Add A Slideshow To Your WordPress Blog Post Using Gutenberg

A useful tool that I knew nothing about. I do like my toys, so Hugh has given me an idea of something to play with. Plus, I’m a big fan of images in ‘how to’ guides, and this one has a bunch. With red boxes and everything. Thank Hugh!

Hugh's Views & News  

While I’m still experimenting using the new Gutenberg editor on WordPress, I’ve come across the ‘slideshow’ block which many people asked me about in one of my previous posts.

Today, I’m giving it a go and wanted to share with you how to create a slideshow on a blog post. Please note that this is for WordPress.Com users. It may be different for self-hosted bloggers.

  • On the ‘draft post’ screen, click on the ‘add block’ symbol in the top left of your screen.

Click the ‘+’ symbol

  • A new menu will open.

  • Look for the ‘Jetpack’ box and click in it to open it.

  • When the box opens, look for the ‘slideshow’ block.

  • Click on the ‘slideshow’ block.

  • A new block will open.

  • Either drag and drop the photos and images you want to add to your slideshow to the block, upload new ones, or select them from your WordPress…

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How to Write Blog Posts that Your Readers Will Love

An excellent all-in-one guide to writing the perfect blog post from artofblogging. More and more I am coming to realise the need to treat a blog post as I would any other story, and this post reinforces that but gives so much more…

The Art of Blogging

Would you like to become a better blogger? Would you like to create blog posts that people will remember, comment on, and share?

Silly questions, right?

Of course you’d like that.

But… how?

Do no worry, for I have compiled a short step-by-step guide to help you become a blogger that’s incredibly persuasive and completely unforgettable.


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Blog Posts. How Long is Too Long? Help!

I'm in a bit of a quandary. I've started in on a series of posts about email lists for beginners. This was originally a post I had written over two years ago, and back then it was as all-encompassing as I could make it, and it came it at around 3000 words. I originally wanted … Continue reading Blog Posts. How Long is Too Long? Help!

Information Overload: Avoid It Like The Plague

More blogging advice to help keep people coming back…

The Art of Blogging

We live in the information age. And it’s being dumped on us by the truckload. Three pounds of stuff in the mailbox a day. Hundreds of TV channels, streaming services to binge on. 623 e-mail messages selling male enhancement pills per day.

And that’s only a fraction of the information that bombards us. There are billboards along highways, news broadcasts on the radio, newspapers, bills, books, seminars, random conversations at lunch time, business meetings, it never ends.

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Six Simple Writing Tips

As someone revising his first novel, any help is appreciated, and these tips seem like good advice to me…

Nowhere Tribune

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Blogs, millions of blogs. Some have ten-thousand readers, and some have none. Why?

One reason is that some are well-written, and some are not.

If Sally’s writing is crisp and clear, and Mike’s is cluttered and pretentious, littered with words like “pretentious,” people will choose Sally.

Jericho is inspired and creative. Words magically flow from his pen. He knows that revising will take from the original beauty, so he posts his first, wondrous draft. Sally believes that good writing comes from hard work rather than inspiration, so she follows the rules, proof-reads, and ruthlessly edits.

Again, we choose Sally.

Here are six simple tips to help you write like Sally.

  1. Reread and revise.

Do I really need to include this? Yes, I do. Sally paid attention in third grade. Where were you?

You will not “lose your voice” by correcting spelling errors, cutting repetitive…

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Beginner’s Guide to creating a FREE Email List For Authors

Beginner's Guide to Creating a Free Email List For Authors What is an Email List for Authors? You know email, right? You know lists, yes? Well an email list for authors, in its most basic terms, is a list of email addresses and possibly names of people that have given you permission to send them … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to creating a FREE Email List For Authors

Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #5

Saturday again and time for another instalment of my story A Snap of the Fingers. This was a difficult story for me to write, because the main character is a ten year old boy, and when I was developing the idea for the story, my son was just a year or so older than SETH … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #5