Serial Saturday: [Horror] I’m Watching You #6

Another week done. I can't believe how quickly the days go by. I think that means I'm getting old! Today I have Part #6 of my horror story, I'm Watching You. It's the story of MIKE'S decent into madness as he struggles to differentiate between what is real and what is imagined. You can read the … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror] I’m Watching You #6


As an Indie Author – What are your challenges?

Don Massenzino poses a question around the challenges faced as Indie Authors, and he needs your input…

Author Don Massenzio

ChallengesAs an author, there are significant challenges. Finding original ideas and turning them into something interesting is a significant challenge. If you are a traditionally published author, you have to not only find an idea that interests you, but it has to interest your publisher as something marketable and viable so that they can make money. You also have to please your agent so that they will push your work on a publisher.

As an independent author, coming up with ideas, in my opinion, is the smallest hurdle to be faced. Because we are independent, we are free to publish whatever interests us and then take that work directly to the readers. One thing that indie authors discover quickly through social media, there are niche reader markets for just about every genre you can think of. If you like to right paranormal zombie western romance erotica, there will be a…

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Writing Contests are Important: How To Tell the Good Ones from the Scams

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

Winning writing contests can build your self-esteem and raise your profile.  By C. Hope Clark, Founder of Funds for Writers. Writing contests sound simple enough. You enter and hope you win. Winners, however, take contests more earnestly, using them as a serious tool in their career.

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Serial Saturday: [Horror] I’m Watching You #5

Been another busy week at work, so I've noticed a slow blog week. But I'm off work at the time of writing, so I wanted to get the next part of this story ready to go. We've been following the story of MIKE, a man who believes he is slowly losing his grip on sanity … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror] I’m Watching You #5

Sunday Tea: Plot or Character? Which Matters More?

Fictionally Sam

Sunday Tea is a new bi-weekly series I have started up, where I ramble/discuss some tea filled topics. Please note, the tea I serve is to just open up a window of conversation and not to point blame or whatever, my blog is and will forever be a NO JUDGEMENT zone. You can take that negativity somewhere else. I reserve the right to delete any comments that goes against the above. Again–Sunday tea is to be sipped and talked about, not chugged and thrown.

Everyone knows that the purpose of a plot is for it to push the story forward. Throughout the years this has been a tried and true fact. Many would claim that a story is horrible if the plot of said story has no substance; many would also claim that plot is what makes the characters who they are and what makes the story that much more…

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Diary of an Author With Multiple Sclerosis – Feb 19

It’s been just over a month since my last update, but I’m trying really hard to keep updating as regularly as possible. Once a month seems about right for this series. So what’s been happening since last time (writing first)? Writing problems and solutions! Writing I’ve been writing reasonably seriously for about four or five … Continue reading Diary of an Author With Multiple Sclerosis – Feb 19

Serial Saturday: [Horror]I’m Watching You #4

Good morning! This week it has actually snowed in the UK. I know it's nothing in comparison to what's going on in Chicago and other places down at -30c (which is ridiculous, by the way), but even a light dusting of snow is exciting over here! I'm not sure how my wheelchair will cope with … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror]I’m Watching You #4


Something to get your teeth into…

Stevie Turner

Authors can share a link to their short stories (less than 2000 words please) or poetry, and it won’t cost you a penny! The deadline is 28th February. Stories or poems can be on any subject, but please keep them reasonably family friendly. On 5th March when I’m home from the van I will pick a winner and share the link to the story on my website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Please ensure that you add the link to your story to February’s submission page and not any previous month, or it may be missed.

I look forward to reading your efforts. The winner can use this laurel to add to their story:

short story laurel february 2019

Here’s a little poem to keep you entertained while you think up a lovely story for me:



When I was but twelve years old

My mother said…

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The Moon Rock From Earth

So I'm reading the news today, and I follow news updates by NASA and one particular story caught my attention: Earth's Oldest known Rock Was Found on the Moon The story talks about the age of rocks on this planet being pretty old, but none of them date back as far as the birth of … Continue reading The Moon Rock From Earth

Stuck with Your Story? Why You Keep Hitting Walls and Dead Ends in Your Writing

A Writer's Path

by Lauren Sapala

For the longest time I had major problems doing revisions on my writing. It seemed so easy for everyone else. Why was it so hard for me? Of course, I also had trouble writing. I hardly ever experienced that state of “effortless flow” everyone talked about, in which the words just magically spewed out of me down onto the page. For years—a lot  of years—I felt like something was wrong with me. I felt like I was a failure as a writer.

Then, I discovered something.

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