Merle’s story – Part 3. An unfortunate superpower

The next part in the creation of my ‘alternate’ superhero.  Last time, Merle was heading to Lucia’s house to collect her.  Today he tries to explain sex to an eight-year-old, so she can help him correct an unfortunate Mishap.  Read on for Part 3 of Merle’s story…


Merle didn’t look at Lu, instead lengthening his stride. He put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her along with him.

“It’s bad Lu,” was what he said, “bad.”

“I get it, Merle, I get it. Can we go a bit slower?” Merle’s arm around her, and his longer stride was forcing Lu into a jog to keep up.

“I don’t think so, no.”

He kept up the half-run pace for another five minutes, before Lu pulled away from the arm around her shoulders. She stopped and took several deep breaths. Merle went on several strides before he realise Lu was not at his side. He turned back to see her sucking in air. He held a hand out to her, but she shook her head.

“Merle, can we walk slower for a bit?” Her chest heaved as she spoke.

“Not really. You’re a bit unpredictable. If we get there faster, it will be easier.” He had walked back to her. His arms were open, imploring. “Please, Lu.”

“If I say yes, will you tell me why you need me?”

Merle nodded and held out his hand, which Lu took. They resumed walking, Lu alternating between, walking and running.

“Lu,” Merle said looking straight ahead as he walked. “What do you know about babies?”

“Babies?” Lu looked up at him. “You mean like my brother?”

“No. Not like your brother. He’s a bit old to be called a baby.” He walked a few more steps before continuing. “No. Babies. Like where they come from.”

“From my mum’s tummy. Didn’t you know that?”

“Right. But do you know how they get in there?”

Lu was quiet for a few moments as she jogged alongside Merle.

“Not really. I’ve never really thought about it.”

“You haven’t covered it in school?” This was exactly what Merle feared. This was a conversation for a mum, possibly a dad, but certainly not for friends.

“No. Mrs Grainger said we would do something about it next term. I took a letter home for my parents about it. Apparently I need to get their permission.”

“Right.” Brilliant. Merle took a few moments to frame his answer. “Well, when a woman has an egg inside her. Not an egg like a chicken’s egg,” he said as he saw the question on her face, “a real tiny one.”

“How did that get inside my mum?”

“It just did, okay?” He did not want to go into all the biology of the matter. He wasn’t even sure he knew the answer himself. “Anyway, a man has sperm which wants to get to the egg.”

“Where does this sperm live? Does my dad have it?”

“It lives in his bajimbas.”


“His nuts. It lives in his nuts, okay?”   He pointed between his legs to clarify his point. She was several years away from needing this knowledge and describing the actual act would be hard. He laughed at his own crude pun.

“Right.” Lu appeared to be trying to make sense of all this. “Is this all relevant?”


Part 4 next week.  Merle continues his biology lesson for Lucia who begins to understand his predicament.

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