Test Lab: Newbie Book Launch 1 #JusJoJan

chemistry-575651_640I have been posting recently about some of the things I have been doing to get my new website up and running. I wanted to widen that scope slightly by looking at the steps I am taking to launch my first book – a collection of short horror stories.

I’m not new to writing but I’ve never seriously attempted to self-publish. Along with my research into getting an author website up and running, I have also been giving some thought into the best way to get this book completed and into the public eye.

I read a forum post recently from a writer looking to launch her first book. This particular topic has a LOT of useful information from other newcomers, but also from people that have had experience of that stage in their writing journey. You can read that post HERE.

What I have learned is that everyone has a different idea of the best way to approach this. A lot of authors I follow, throw themselves into blogging and building up a following that way, some go out and make personal appearances, some jump in with a hit-and-hope approach. I am not advocating for any particular approach other than my own. What I am proposing, is this:

*A laid-bare approach to all parts of this process.

*A full and frank evaluation of each of the steps in that process.

Along the way I hope to connect with some of you authors (or authors-in-waiting) and share what has worked / not worked, as well as learn from some of the fantastic authors that exist out there that have been through this process.

If you can relate to any of this, if perhaps you are thinking about launching a book of your own, if you have something to share, why not follow along and see if there is anything that can be used in your own journey?

In my next post, I’ll make a start by looking back at what I’ve done so far.

This is a Just Jot January post.  For details, go to:

Just Jot It January 2016 Rules


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