Test Lab – Newbie Book Launch #2

question-mark-1106309_640Last time I mentioned my plans to deliver a laid-bare process to getting my first book launched. Well, here are the tasks I have completed to date – the story so far, if you like:

Write the book

This may seem like an obvious place to start, and was where I started. However, I have only completed 3 of the 6 stories that will appear in ‘A Sinister Six’, the others are written, but not edited. WHY? My early thinking was that I would get the book up on Amazon etc, and make it available on pre – order, for three months, which I believe is the maximum time allowed. This would give time for 2 things:

  • Complete the book
  • Do some work around marketing and pre – launch stuff.

The more time I have spent looking into effective book launches, the more time I have come to realise that I will need, so I think my 3 month timeline for the launch might be a bit optimistic.

Pre – Launch

Biggest thing I have been working on is the launch of my new author website. This has been taking up large chunks of my thinking, as I want to get it to a place that I am happy with before I launch it. So far, I have changed the design two or three times, and whilst this was one of those THINGS TO AVOID that I spoke about previously, but as this is a completely new start, and I am discovering new tricks as I go, it is taking more time than expected. ‘What tricks?’ I hear you ask:

Where to host the website: I have blogged previously about the battle I had deciding between Wix and WordPress. Whilst both have wonderful FREE templates, I simply found that I got on better with Wix. There are a few things I have found frustrating about WordPress – nothing that I feel strongly enough about to mention, but just enough to sway the decision in favour of the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) website builder, Wix.

Content of the site: Static home page or not? Blog or not? What elements should there be on each page, in fact, what pages should there be? I have clearly not got that right here on my WordPress site, so I wanted to take a more measured approach with the new site. In doing that research, I have settled on a format:

Welcome / home page


Books / stories



I will go in to a bit more depth on this set up in a later post, so keep an eye out for that.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): I have touched on SEO in a previous post, but this is something I am spending a lot of time thinking and learning about. As an author, I want people to be able to find me high up in search rankings (which has a lot to do with many other factors as well).

Building an email list of subscribers: Having people sign up to receive notifications related to my work is high on my list of things to achieve, and that was part of my thinking behind the 3 month lead-in time – give me time to build that list.

Blog: I have decided to keep my blog here on WordPress as WP does blogging exceptionally well. What I intend to do, is link to this blog from my new site, and vice versa. This has presented me with a new problem – can I set up email newsletter registration to the same list from each of the sites, or do I need to build 2 separate lists? I have some ideas on that front, but I’ve not investigated that yet, so I have nothing to tell you at this point.

As you can see, I have a fair bit to think about, and as I tackle each of them, I’ll let you know!

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