Lockdahn Rules For Nottingum Fowuk

[Image of Nottingham from HERE]

When looking at the title of this post you could be forgiven for thinking that my spell checker was turned off, but you’d be wrong.

I wrote it in the accent of a person living in Nottingham (well at least as far as it can be translated into text).
The accent is similar to those of a person that lives in Spennyriver, my fictional town. Or should that be Spennyriver is like Nottingham? If you’ve not been keeping up with the weekly shenanigans in this small town, you can check them out HERE.

But this post is about the rules of our new national lockdown, written in a way that Nottingham Residents can understand. Don’t panic, I will translate each rule into the Queen’s English so it makes sense. Let’s start off with the title of this post:

Lockdahn Rules For Nottingum Fowuk
translation: Lockdown Rules for people that live in Nottingham
literally: Lockdown rules for Nottingham Folk

  1. Stay at ‘om

translation: Stay at home

2. Wok frum ‘om if yer can.

translation: Work from home if you can

3. Don’t av no one raahnd yeraahse

translation: Do not allow anyone to come to your home
literally: Don’t have no one round your house

4. If yoav gorra go aht, mek aste

translation: If you must leave your house, be as quick as possible
literally: If you’ve got to go out, make haste

5. Kids’ll etta get lonnin from ‘om annorl

translation: Your children will have to be taught remotely
literally: Kids will have to get their learning from home as well

6. Keep yersen ter yersen

translation: Try to be by yourself
literally: Keep yourself to yourself

7. Mek some room

translation: Maintain social distancing
literally: Make some room

8. Wash yer dannies

translation: Wash your hands

9. If yer feel badleh, give doctuz a bell

translation: If you feel poorly, please contact a doctor
literally: If you feel badly, give the doctors a bell

I hope that has helped make all the lockdown rules clear.

Stay safe Nottingham.

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