Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #11

From my point of view, I've been away from this blog for several weeks. I made sure to load up several posts before, so at least the serial Saturday posts could continue! I've had several medical appointments and assessments which has left me tired. Not the type of tired where you want to go to … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #11

Monty Python, The Olympics and Covid-19

Image: DBRL Jump to the Monty Python bit The Olympics this year were delayed from last year thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic that currently has us in its grip. Japan have stated that the delayed Olympics will go ahead this year and will even include fans. Now, I love the Olympics as much as the … Continue reading Monty Python, The Olympics and Covid-19

My COVID Vaccine Experience — Fightmsdaily

A thought provoking article that has particular relevance to me, but also, no doubt, to may of you... ~To Get The Vaccine OR To Not Get The Vaccine~ On Saturday morning, with an incredibly special thank you to my wonderful husband, I was finally able to get the COVID vaccine. If I had waited for … Continue reading My COVID Vaccine Experience — Fightmsdaily

Oh, Lockdown. What Have You Done?

I've held back on posting this for several weeks because I wasn't sure how I felt about it. There is a (big) part of me that is embarrassed, a part that is worried, but another part of me that is (quietly) proud and also a little amused. Skip to: The Fun Part | The Thing … Continue reading Oh, Lockdown. What Have You Done?

Lockdahn Rules For Nottingum Fowuk

[Image of Nottingham from HERE] When looking at the title of this post you could be forgiven for thinking that my spell checker was turned off, but you'd be wrong. I wrote it in the accent of a person living in Nottingham (well at least as far as it can be translated into text).The accent … Continue reading Lockdahn Rules For Nottingum Fowuk

Lockdown UK And Christmas Quiz #1

Jump straight to the quiz Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm not sure how you will be sharing it with family and friends. Here in the UK we've had a 5 day reprieve and will be allowed to mix with 3 households over the Christmas period. Great if you've only got 3 households … Continue reading Lockdown UK And Christmas Quiz #1