Another HUGE giveaway! More free dark fiction / fantasy!

Giveaway Steve BoseleyI hope you all managed to get something you wanted from last week’s giveaway.  There were 84 FREE books on offer!  That giveaway ended yesterday, but if you are quick, I believe the offer is still available for a few days (but don’t tell anyone!).  You can find that post HERE.

But that was last week.  This week I present to you another amazing offer,  53 dark fiction / fantasy books for you to choose from!  All the books are free for this week, so what are you waiting for?  Get over there now!  If you didn’t grab my book, A Sinister Six, last time, be sure to do so while it’s free, as the price will be going up to £1.99 in the coming weeks.  Still cheap, right?  But not as cheap as FREE, is it?

Click the image above, or click HERE.

If you do happen to pick up A Sinister Six, and you enjoy it, please be kind enough to leave a review, either on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog (if you have one).  It would be really helpful to me.

Guess what.  I’ll have another giveaway coming up in a few weeks, once this one is out of the way.  If you want to hear about these offers first, consider subscribing for my news and updates, by going HERE.  You get ANOTHER FREE STORY for your trouble!

Leave a comment to let me know any gems that you’ve managed to pick up over these two deals.

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