Merle’s Story Part 8: An Unfortunate Superpower

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Missed Wednesday’s update.  Here is Part 7 of Merle’s story.  Last time, he had decided that he would take Hayley home, which didn’t go down too well.  Today, the story continues…

The following afternoon, Merle found himself sitting in his car at the end of Lu’s street. He knew he had to speak to her about the previous night, but he didn’t know what he would say. Part of him hoped that she wouldn’t remember anything, but he suspected that would not be the case.

He was slouched in the drivers seat as he saw Lu walking towards him. She was with her mum; they were holding hands. He screwed his eyes shut and mentally berated himself; that’s what an eight year old girl should be doing: holding hands with her mum, maybe playing dolls with her friends. He didn’t really know if she still played with dolls, but he knew it was preferable to saving him and his girl, from a spunk-related accident. He needed to clear the air

He slid lower in his seat as the pair approached and watched as they opened the gate to their garden. When they had entered the house and shut the door, Merle sat up and gripped the steering wheel, clenching and relaxing his fists. When his hands began to hurt, and he deemed a reasonable amount of time had passed, he got out of the car and walked up to Lu’s front door. He paused momentarily before knocking.

It felt like a lot longer, but in reality he had to wait several seconds before the door opened. Mrs Bennett stood in the doorway.

“Hello, Merle.” She was smiling, which was a good start. “I’ve not seen you in a while. How’ve you been?”

“Good, thank you Mrs Bennett.”

“How are your mum and dad?”

“Both good thanks, Mrs Bennett.” Keeping his sentences sharp and short was Merle’s plan. At least for this part of his visit.

“That’s good. We’ll have to catch up with them soon.”

“That would be great. I’ll tell them when I see them.”

“Thanks, Merle.” She stood looking at him. Merle was beginning to feel awkward.

“Can I speak with Lucia please Mrs Bennett?”

Mrs Bennett’s pleasant demeanour changed.

“What have you two been up to?” She folded her arms across her chest and frowned at Merle.

“Nothing, Mrs Bennett.” He hoped that his face was making a good approximation of what an honest person would look like. He shrugged to emphasise his point.

Mrs Bennett looked at him for a moment. It was a long moment, and Merle could feel his face beginning to twitch. He held her gaze though, and eventually she turned back to the house.

“Lu, come down here, please.”


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