Author Holland Rae gives all new authors a healthy dose of reality here, pointing out some of the things we need to consider along the way. If you’ve got aspirations of writing a book (don’t aspire – do it), you ned to read this…

This isn’t an easy one for me to write.

Recently, one of my presses shut down – my third press to either change management or go bankrupt in just three years, and this very morning I got a pretty devastating rejection letter. I’m having one of those periods of being a writer that you don’t wish on anyone, the period where the waters are rough and it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. From where I’m sitting, my advice to new writers is to run far, far away, as quickly as you can.


But, of course, that’s nonsense.

In fact, this, right here, is lesson number freaking one. Being a writer – it’s hard. Shocker, surprise, knock me over with a feather. You should know going in that it’s not going to be easy. If you don’t know that, here’s your wakeup call. You will get rejected. You will get bad reviews. You will struggle to sell books. These are all parts of being a writer.

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