Fragment Friday – A Sinister Six edition

Fragment Friday horror storyWelcome again to Fragment Friday – its a day where I post an excerpt of my work.  As the launch of my book, A Sinister Six is just around the corner (Feb 2nd), It’s the turn of another one of the stories in the collection.  Today, I present for your enjoyment, a section taken from The Photograph.  A picture is discovered showing people in it that were not there when it was taken.  Enjoy!


Thorley moved his hands away from his chest and revealed the photograph he was holding; it looked like a regular six by four photograph. It depicted the deck of the Avenger, and beyond the bow, the double rainbow.

What surprised Biff, were the people standing on the deck. Ten, maybe twelve people stood in a line. His finger slid over the photo, finishing on a boy, that he recognised as George. He was standing towards the right of the line. He looked like the ten year old Biff remembered. He wore jeans and a t-shirt. His curly blonde hair had been blown by the wind. He looked sad. Everyone on the line looked sad, although some had wide eyes and looked more surprised, Biff noted. As he scanned along the line, he saw a lot of faces that he didn’t recognise, but one or two that he did.


“Thorley, is that…your dad?” Biff pointed to the man standing to the left of George. He wore a trench coat, buttoned up to his chin and stood with his hand resting on George’s shoulder. Thorley’s dad went to work one day, and never came back. Thorley assumed his dad had met someone, run off. The pair never spoke about it.

“Yes.” Thorley caressed the picture of his dad and his son briefly.

“What does it mean? Where did these people come from? Who are they?’

“I don’t know who they all are. Obviously George and my dad,” He let his finger move along the line and stopped at another face. “I think this was one of George’s teachers. Can’t recall his name, but I think that’s him. And this one here,” He tapped his finger on the picture, indicating the man standing on the far right of the shot. It was an older gentleman with a silver beard and hat. “This is Collins, or Cowery, or something like that.” At that he took back the picture and turned it to his chest, covering it with both hands.

“I don’t know that name,” Biff said and reached for another look at the picture. Thorley stepped back out of reach.

“I can’t take the chance, Biff. Collins or whatever his name is, showed me. It took him Biff, I saw it. It took him.” He had continued to back away from Biff until he reached the wall. He stopped and clutched the picture harder.

“Took him? What do you mean?”

“I mean he was there one minute and gone the next. I was with him when it happened.”


If you’re interested in knowing what happened to George, or indeed, any of the others in photograph, you can find out HERE for the princely sum of just 99p.

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