Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #6

Another Saturday and as promised, the next instalment of The Photograph. Last time we were here, our protagonist, BIFF KELLER, was talking about meeting up with his missing friend, THORLEY LANGDON, we tells Biff that he has something to show him, but that he needs to be aware of the dangers. You can read the … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #6

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #5

Saturday again and time for the next instalment of The Photograph. If you read my post from Thursday, you will see that I have got to take a break for a while from blogging, but I intend to finish this story off, so if you've been following along, don't panic - You'll get to the … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #5

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #4

Saturday again! I hope you are all well and have had a great week! Its time for another instalment of the horror story The Photograph. Last week, our Protagonist, BIFF KELLER, was continuing his questioning by the police about the disappearance of his friend THORLEY LANGDON. Biff was recounting the moment when Thorley's wife, known … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #4

Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3

Another week has passed me by without me noticing. I've watched a bit of the women's World Cup (go England!), and I've done some drawing, so I know I must have been around! But today is Saturday and it's time to focus on the serial at hand, which this time round, is The Photograph. Last … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #2

Another week in the bag, and let me tell you, I'm feeling good about that! Not that I'm another week older, but it's one week closer to the end of a whole mess of **** that I'm going through at the moment. Life can kick you in the rear end some times and leave you … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #2