Ten amazing posts on story structure

Story structure is something all aspiring writers will  have to grapple with at some point, and if you're new to the craft, or even if you want to brush up, here are ten excellent posts on story structure, in no particular order: Karen Woodward - Karen introduces us to Dan Harmon's story structure, that she goes … Continue reading Ten amazing posts on story structure

Short Story Structure pt2

Last time, I introduced the idea of a structure for your short story. We looked specifically at ‘exposition,’ the beginning. Hopefully you have enough information to make the reader want to continue beyond the first paragraph.  The next trick is to keep them reading beyond the next paragraph! This is where rising action comes in. … Continue reading Short Story Structure pt2

Does my short story need a structure?

When I first began writing, I had great ideas for characters, settings, and situations.  What I had were some of the elements of a story.  I wrote my ideas down and published them to a couple of the writing-sharing websites that I mentioned in a previous post.  They got a handful of reads, which was … Continue reading Does my short story need a structure?