Six Word Horror Saturday

Well, last week wasn't enough to exhaust all the six word horrors I have in mind. Today I have a few more to attempt to scare you with. The rules: Something that chills. Just six words. Simple. Here's what I've got for today: The shadow moved. It heard me. The darkness was absolute. She screamed. … Continue reading Six Word Horror Saturday

Best Stephen King Short Stories (Audio) For Halloween

Happy Halloween for those of you celebrating. the fears around the pandemic and lockdown restrictions means that there are probably going to be no children trick or treating this year, but that doesn't mean you don't have to avoid the spooky feeling yourself. I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks over the last few … Continue reading Best Stephen King Short Stories (Audio) For Halloween

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #7

Saturday again and first, an apology: I missed last Saturday's instalment of The Photograph. My life is, apparently, a lot more complicated than I already thought it was! Last time, our main man, BIFF KELLER, was recounting the moment the true power of the photograph was explained to him by his missing friend, THORLEY LANGDON. … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #7

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #6

Another Saturday and as promised, the next instalment of The Photograph. Last time we were here, our protagonist, BIFF KELLER, was talking about meeting up with his missing friend, THORLEY LANGDON, we tells Biff that he has something to show him, but that he needs to be aware of the dangers. You can read the … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #6

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #5

Saturday again and time for the next instalment of The Photograph. If you read my post from Thursday, you will see that I have got to take a break for a while from blogging, but I intend to finish this story off, so if you've been following along, don't panic - You'll get to the … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #5

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #4

Saturday again! I hope you are all well and have had a great week! Its time for another instalment of the horror story The Photograph. Last week, our Protagonist, BIFF KELLER, was continuing his questioning by the police about the disappearance of his friend THORLEY LANGDON. Biff was recounting the moment when Thorley's wife, known … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #4

Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3

Another week has passed me by without me noticing. I've watched a bit of the women's World Cup (go England!), and I've done some drawing, so I know I must have been around! But today is Saturday and it's time to focus on the serial at hand, which this time round, is The Photograph. Last … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3

Road To A [Horror] comic: week 10-12

First of all, apologies for missing last week's update. I had a bit of upheaval at work and as a result, my output was significantly down. I've been a bit more active this week and have made some more progress in that i've actually made an attempt to create an initial version of the first … Continue reading Road To A [Horror] comic: week 10-12

Serial Saturday [horror] : The Photograph

I had a week off last week, so no story. Sorry. I did make myself a new banner for this feature. I hope you like it! I'm quite pleased with myself! I teased this week's story in a post earlier this week, which was about a haunted picture. The photograph was written as a longer … Continue reading Serial Saturday [horror] : The Photograph

The Sirens Call eZine is open for submissions! — Issue 45 ‘Distant Screams’

For the horror and dark fiction authors among you... The Sirens Call eZine is open for submissions! — Issue 45 ‘Distant Screams’ — Read on