Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy, Please #8

So, did I get annoyed by anything this week? You bet I did. It's got to be an age thing, or perhaps i'm just miserable. This week (last weeks TikTok thing still bugs me) it's the turn of American English. Why do you insist on pronouncing aluminium as aluminum? It's a small thing, yes, but … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy, Please #8

Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #6

Good afternoon all. I hope everyone is safe and well, or at least as well as you can be under current circumstances. I'm still struggling on through trying to help a reluctant 16 year old through his GCSEs, but I'm gearing up for and looking forward to tomorrow night's Super Bowl. The Chiefs and the … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #6

Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #5

I Hope You've been keeping up, because today we've reached part #5 of this horror tale. Last time we started to learn something about Nancy's life. Today, we continue on with that part of the story. Read the previous posts HERE, but now, on to part #5... “We’ve had this discussion before, Mark. I don’t … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #5

Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #4

Saturday already, but with Lockdown 3.0 underway, all the days seem to merge into one. To get you back on track, you can see from the post title, it's Saturday and time for another part in the serial horror story, Nancy Please. Last time, the woman she met, AMY, shared some gruesome tales of her … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #4

Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #3

Last time, Nancy was still trying to figure out where she was and what she was doing there. She had just met a woman, AMY, who asked her some questions about herself. Nancy has some inkling of what's happening, although it's buried deep in the back of her mind. You can find the first 2 … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – Nancy Please #3

Serial Saturday – [Horror] Nancy Please #2

Thanks for coming back for part #2 of the serialisation of Nancy Please! Last week, we met our protagonist, NANCY (obviously) who was telling us some small part of her life working in a factory. It sounded wonderful. You can find the first part HERE. Part #2... “Nancy?” This time the voice sounds stern. It’s … Continue reading Serial Saturday – [Horror] Nancy Please #2

Serial Saturday – [Horror] Nancy Please #1

It's been a few weeks since Ive done a Serial Saturday. 6 Word horror seems to have taken its place! Well today I have a new story for you starting today, called Nancy Please. It's horror (did I need to say that)? This story may have some more work done to it in the future, … Continue reading Serial Saturday – [Horror] Nancy Please #1

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #7

Saturday again and first, an apology: I missed last Saturday's instalment of The Photograph. My life is, apparently, a lot more complicated than I already thought it was! Last time, our main man, BIFF KELLER, was recounting the moment the true power of the photograph was explained to him by his missing friend, THORLEY LANGDON. … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #7

Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #6

Another Saturday and as promised, the next instalment of The Photograph. Last time we were here, our protagonist, BIFF KELLER, was talking about meeting up with his missing friend, THORLEY LANGDON, we tells Biff that he has something to show him, but that he needs to be aware of the dangers. You can read the … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #6

Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3

Another week has passed me by without me noticing. I've watched a bit of the women's World Cup (go England!), and I've done some drawing, so I know I must have been around! But today is Saturday and it's time to focus on the serial at hand, which this time round, is The Photograph. Last … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror] – The Photograph #3