How a ‘growth’ mindset can help authors [Infographic]

Worrying about other people is hurting your writing.  How you frame your challenges and doubts can have an impact on your perception of your ability to grow and improve.  Print out this infographic, which has 10 'growth' mindset statements and pin it over your desk.  It works for any area of your life.  Click the … Continue reading How a ‘growth’ mindset can help authors [Infographic]

Self-Doubt pt1

For a first blog post, I thought self-doubt was an apt theme, as it is what has kept me from updating the site and posting new content before now.  As a new(ish) writer, this is something I constantly battle with.  Read on, and let me know if anything strikes a chord. Self-doubt is something that has … Continue reading Self-Doubt pt1