Free and Discounted Horror Books- Holiday Season 2020 – K.T.Ross

K.T. Ross has pulled together some great horror deals together just in time for Christmas. Check them out...  K. T. Ross on December 4, 2020 Check out these discounted and free horror and dark fiction promos that are going on through the holiday season this year! Read the whole post HERE

Serial Saturday [Horror]: A Snap Of The Fingers #8

Saturday again, and another episode in the hideous life of SETH ROGERS, from my horror short story, Serial. Last time, Seth received a visit from the strange man, RED, who had turned up at Seth's house with an unconscious body in tow, a sack over its head. Seth wasn't sure he could go through with … Continue reading Serial Saturday [Horror]: A Snap Of The Fingers #8

Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #1

Saturday again, and a new story starts today. This one is called A Snap Of The Fingers. What would you do for the one you love? Would you die for them? Would you kill for them? Ten year old SETH ROGERS is faced with that very question in this horror short story. When I wrote … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror] A Snap of the Fingers #1

Serial Saturday: [Horror]I’m Watching You #4

Good morning! This week it has actually snowed in the UK. I know it's nothing in comparison to what's going on in Chicago and other places down at -30c (which is ridiculous, by the way), but even a light dusting of snow is exciting over here! I'm not sure how my wheelchair will cope with … Continue reading Serial Saturday: [Horror]I’m Watching You #4

Serial Saturday – [Horror] The Book #10

I've been working on my novel this week, up to 30k words, but in no particular order! I've written act one, then jumped to the middle of act two, now I'm in the middle of act three. Not sure if that's the best way to do it, but it seems to be working so far... … Continue reading Serial Saturday – [Horror] The Book #10

Serial Saturday – [Horror] The Book #7

Another week down, another week closer to Christmas. At the moment, I'm working on a novel with no name. It's horror, of course, and you can read the first draft of the first few chapters HERE, but I haven't forgotten about Serial Saturday! Last time we learned a bit more about JEFF and his fascination … Continue reading Serial Saturday – [Horror] The Book #7