The Zombie Apocalypse As Described By A Golf Commentator #1

logo for zombie survival association

I’ve been listening to the Masters golf and was impressed by how calm and quiet the commentators sound and it put me in mind to share some of what I’ve come up with…

Over the last few weeks, as you may know, I’ve been struggling with typing, but what I have done, to keep myself busy, is invent the ZSA: Zombie Survival Association, whose logo you can see above.

I imagined what the zombie apocalypse would sound like if it were broadcast on the radio by a golf commentator.

While the typing muscles have been quiet, this (amongst other things) has kept the creativity juices flowing, just with my voice!

On to the details of the ZSA:

So far, the ZSA Master’s tour consists of 4 participants:

  • Maggie Masterton – Lives in a house. Armed with a cricket bat, she’s headed for the pharmacy.
  • Ken Beaufort – Lives in a campervan with his family. Most recently scavenged 3 tins of rice pudding.
  • Phil Woods – Lives in the pub, but has run out of bar snacks. He’s headed for the cash and carry.
  • Lisa Breckenridge – Lives in a Greggs the Baker. Had to cut off a leg following a bite. Headed to the newsagents for a Dr Pepper (cherry).

Each week I’ll share 2 – 3 minutes of commentary with you, each week representing one leg of their journey, starting this week with the first leg of Maggie’s journey:

Come back next week for Ken’s first leg.

person thinking

My question to you:

Is this just too silly for words?

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