Road To… Well, Just Being Creative – April 2021

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Hopefully by this point, you will have read one of my previous posts about the struggles I have had with my hands and my inability to type. I have tried to remain as creative as possible over the last few months and some of that I have been sharing with you here.

This started off as a journey towards making a comic of one of my short stories, and whilst that may still (hopefully will) come to pass, for the moment I am just trying all sorts of things art related. Luckily, my one hand that is the least affected is my dominant hand, which has meant that I have been able to continue drawing more than writing.

One of the closest things I have done related to my stories is this very first piece. It is my attempt to depict one of the characters, Monty Hilton, from my story The Book. Monty is a psychiatrist with a patient that is convinced he has a book that wants him to read it. It needs him to read it. In this image Monty has just been woken up by a knock at his front door in the middle of the night and his client has barged in and presented Monty with the book. Monty is dubious but sits down with his client tries to make sense of what is happening.

This particular story is available to read in my collection, A Sinister Six, which you can get to by clicking the image somewhere on this page. Anyway, here is the image as I saw it in my mind:

One of the things that has always interested me about drawing, is portraiture. I am highly in envy of people that paint portraits. I watch how easily they make the images appear seemingly from out of nowhere, and I want to try that. But I suppose that’s just like everything else that we try; the only way to get good at a thing is to practice a thing. Whilst I wouldn’t say I was good at writing, I am certainly getting better. Similarly, I’m not good at drawing but I am getting better. I can only assume that my attempts at portraits will follow the same pattern. Here is one of my early efforts:

Well, it looks like face at least!
After drawing that, and feeling reasonably pleased with the first effort, I decided I needed to spend more time looking at the face and how all the parts connect to all the other parts, so below you will see one of my attempts at a three quarters face. Obviously I have only included the best version I was able to come up with, the other versions do not bear thinking about!

Finally, I tried to put all this learning together and come up with a portrait of a character from one of my stories. This particular character is a gentleman from one of my upcoming stories, Reproductive Cycle. It is the story of a life form that has found its way to Earth and is discovered by some old guys just trying to live out their final years:

On the whole, I am relatively pleased with my output this month, bearing in mind the limitations I am working with. Trust me when I say that the images I have shared here are only four out of many. Whilst these are not works of art that would hang in a gallery, they are light years ahead of some of the images I have not chosen to share!

On to next month…

person thinking

My question to you:

What are you working on at the moment?

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