Six Word Horror Saturday

6 word horror

I’ve had a few of these building up in my brain for the last few weeks, so I wanted to let them out to play in the sunshine (or moonlight).

If you’ve not seen any of these before, it’s quite straightforward: is it possible to write something chilling in just six words? Writing a full three-act-structured novel might be pushing it, but is it possible to write something that can make you uncomfortable, or at least write something that makes you think ‘Eek!’ if you were to put yourself in that predicament?

Here are my most recent offers. Please let me know what you think, and please feel free to join in by leaving a six word offering in the comments below.

Here we go…

She hadn’t drank blood before today.

An alarm sounded. They were coming.

His wheelchair squeaked. The creature turned.

With the lights out, they pounced.

That’s your lot for today, save for this bonus 6 word horror:

The lockdown moved into year five.

Hope they were suitably dark for you.

person thinking

My question to you:

Can you do better?

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