Road To…Well, Just Being Creative

Horror comic | graphic novel | sketching

I missed another month of comic updates. Damn.

Health is starting to drag me down again, and I’m falling behind with a lot of things. I think these updates may fall back to every other month, or as and when I can get them completed!

The comic idea (the original idea) is still there, but it’s taken more of a backseat to other creative endeavours, namely I am just enjoying creating at the moment and thought it would be silly to try to cram something in to my already hectic life.

So what you’re going to see here are my best creations from the preceding few weeks and in the same way that when your writing gets stuck, you should keep writing anything, I’m going to keep doing what seems fun to me.

Is that a bit presumptuous of me? Maybe, but I figured that if you don’t care for this content, you probably wouldn’t have read this far down and if you have and are having second thoughts, please feel free to click away, although I hope you don’t.

This first geezer was straight out of my head. If I’d put some shadows on him I think he would have looked better. Still, this represents great progress for me, and I choose to take my wins where I can get them.

This next one is copied. NOT traced. This one has shadows and everything. Unless you can’t tell, I moved away from realism for this one. I’m still looking for my style.

I went back to faces again. These 4 are all from imagination. I know I should use reference in the same way I should learn from more accomplished authors, but I wanted to test myself. I’m quite pleased with the results.

Finally, I created a little family of zombies. All my own work 🙂 Still hunting for my own style, but I wonder if this form is too simplistic.

There’s my best efforts of the last few weeks.

My advice is:

Whatever you’re doing, keep creating!

person thinking

My question to you:

What are you working on at the moment?

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