Monty Python, The Olympics and Covid-19

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The Olympics this year were delayed from last year thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic that currently has us in its grip. Japan have stated that the delayed Olympics will go ahead this year and will even include fans.

Now, I love the Olympics as much as the next person and couldn’t imagine watching it without fans, but will we (the world) be far enough along in the battle out of Covid-19 to make this a good idea? I certainly hope so, but I worry that this would turn into another super-spreader event, with people coming and going from and too all corners of the globe.

Are we just going to be spreading the disease all over again, especially relevant now as new variants seem to be springing up from all over the world. Will we have enough vaccine knowledge to mitigate these concerns? Will the current crop of vaccines even work against the new strains?

Am I worrying about nothing?

I see that across the world, all countries, there is a small but vocal anti-vax community. Will this play a part in the eradication of this virus? There are already enough people that don’t believe in ask-wearing, do we need more problems? Donald Trump has a lot to answer for with regards to mask-wearing, or lack thereof, but he’s not on his own. In the UK, masks are required on public transport and in shops, and advice from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) is that wearing a mask will reduce the transmission of the disease. Is that the same (or similar) around the world? What are you thoughts on mask wearing? I wear a mask on the few occasions that I go out, but as I fall in the clinically vulnerable category, I hardly go out at all. I’ll also be getting the vaccination when it’s my turn.

I’ve actually just read two other conflicting blog posts about mask wearing.
The first was by a woman who recounted her experience of wearing a mask in an airport and on a plane. This was in 2018, so pre-pandemic, but she had been ill with a virus and thought wearing a mask for her trip would be the right thing to do to prevent infecting others with her germs. She talked about the strange looks she got from other passengers. She goes on to talk about not understanding why people can’t wear a mask for the ten minutes they are in a shop.

The second blog post I read was the polar opposite. It talked about mandatory mask wearing as phase 1, a way to soften up the American population to ignore their ‘constitutional rights’ and their own independence, in preparation for phase 2, which is about clandestine movements to gift contracts to big pharmaceutical companies to force ‘unsafe’ vaccines onto the population (amongst other things).
There is a lot I don’t agree with in this particular post, and it is posted on a popular Christian website and the Bible is quoted in several places as supporting the theories espoused in the post. There are a lot of conspiracy theories touted, that to me sound like watered down QAnon BS. I’m not a religious person so I read this post with scepticism, but was actually shocked to see the disbelief in real people about the actual existence of the virus. I don’t want to link to that post, because I don’t think the world needs more people buying into this way of thinking.

Let me get back to my original point: should the Olympics happen this year? If people are required to wear masks and perhaps numbers are restricted, I’m still not convinced it’s the right thing to do. Of course, this depends on the progress of the virus over the next six months, but I’ll be happy watching from my living room on the TV.

I’d be interested to hear what you think:
* Is the virus a ‘hoax’?
* Do you wear a mask?
* Will you get the vaccine injection?

Let me leave you with Monty Python’s own unique take on the Olympics:

person thinking

My question to you:

* Is the virus a ‘hoax’?
* Do you wear a mask?
* Will you get the vaccine injection?
* Should the Olympics go ahead?

2 thoughts on “Monty Python, The Olympics and Covid-19

  1. We should just stick with the Monty Python Olympics. Realistically, when you think of the opening ceremony and and all those athletes parading, when you think it’s never going to finish, if they were all two metres apart can you imagine how long that would take?

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