Road To A Horror Comic – January 2021 – And Fitting Things Into A Crazy 2021 World

Horror comic | graphic novel | sketching

Just get me to the drawing

I think I may have missed a month somewhere along the line, but I didn’t stop working towards this end goal! In fact, I have had a chance to review my output recently – in all types of creativity – and I’m noticing a worrying fact: there are not enough hours in the day to fit in all the things I want to do!

  • Trying to write short stories
  • Writing regular output for this blog
  • Improving my drawing / digital art
  • Home schooling a GCSE student

As any creative person knows, to improve at anything, you simply need to do it on a regular basis, daily if possible. Now I know that i said, just two paragraphs above, that there weren’t enough hours in the day but you may disagree; why don’t I get up a bit early, do a few hours of one then switch to another for a few hours, finishing off with a few hours of another.

When you put it like that, it seems straightforward, however, as a result of MS my available energy has to be rationed throughout the day and that includes every other aspect of my day. The homeschooling can’t be pushed back, so I’m going to need to find time elsewhere.

I’m finding typing increasingly difficult so I’m trying to transition to dictation, which is happening, albeit slowly. The best dictation software, Dragon, is no longer available on Mac, which is what I write on. Having lost my job (did I say that?), money is tight, so picking up a capable laptop was not as simple as popping out to the shops and picking one up. My wife was lucky enough to receive a windows laptop for Christmas from her parents, which I will be able to use. Now I just need to fond £120+ for the software…

To the comic…

Like I said, I’ve been working at getting better. That’s all we can really say about anything, isn’t it? I started off by doing something I knew I was half-decent at: faces.

I started off with a typical skull. Need to work on getting those features in the correct places.

Then I transitioned to three-quarter view faces. These I find to be the hardest to draw well. In the image above, I started sketching and the picture began to resemble a half-decent face, so I pushed on, leaving all my messy scribble there for all to see. This one made it to Instagram. Big deal? Yes and no. It is far from being in the top 100 art pieces there; top thousand; top ten thousand; hundred thousand? No, I suspect its much further down than that, but that’s okay. I was proud of it and wanted to share. I think that’s a mindset you need to have as an author – don’t be afraid. Get your work down on paper and get it out in the world. You’re not competing against anyone other than yourself. Is what you did this week better than it was last week? [Click To Tweet] That’s how I measure my achievements. I look back at some of my drawing and ask myself that question.

Case in point: this is one of my earliest attempts at a three quarters head. I can clearly see improvement, I hope you can.

From there, It was a hop skip and jump away from a zombie (obviously). This fellow was a copy of someone else’s work, but it allowed me at least, to put in a pair of eyes that are looking in the same direction.

Copying someone else’s work is a great way to develop your own skills and the same is true in writing; whilst copying word for word is not a good idea, copying or attempting to recreate another author’s style is a good way to develop your own. I looked at another artist’s style in creating this next piece of my own work:

It’s a man with mechanical parts for a brain (if you couldn’t tell). It’s given me an idea to produce a series of images around this theme, which I’ll get to later. When I’ve got both time and energy.

Finally for today, I actually made some progress towards this comic by trying to crate characters who are more than just floating heads.

I’m reasonably impressed with these figures, so much so that they also made it to IG.

I’ll leave it there for today by saying try something. Give it a go and share it with someone; it doesn’t have to be with the world on Instagram (in the case of art), or Amazon (if it’s a book). Show a family member, a friend, a teacher. You never know, they may like it, but the bottom line is

You’re getting better

person thinking

My question to you:

What are you improving at?

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