A ‘Best Of’ To Start The New Year

Well it’s not my first post of the year but I wanted to get this out in January 2021.

What follows is a list of links to some of my more popular posts of the last couple of years (I was MIA May ’19 – Sept’20) along with a brief description of what you can find if you visit those links if it’s not obvious from the title. These will all be my own pots, so no reblogs or guest posts.

I hope 2021 is a better year for you than 2020, so please enjoy…

Back from the brink of despair

Following some time away from blogging, I wrote a post about Anxiety and blogging in general.

First Person, Present Tense. Is it the Devil in Disguise?

Using Instagram to Promote Your Book [Long Post]

How to Win at Instagram Hashtags for Authors

Serial Saturday – Die, Blossom, Bloom #1 All the serial posts

The start of my long-running series, ‘Serial Saturday’. I picked Die, Blossom Bloom because it was first and my most successful work to date.

Diary Of An Author With Multiple Sclerosis

The link above will take you to a list of all the posts. Each post contains an update on health-related matters (could be meds, mental health, physical health), but each post also has an ounce of wisdom on what I’d learned that month related to writing. I have had lots of contact from people with health challenges of their own so you may find something that is helpful. As far as the writing tips are concerned, here is a selection of the best learning points I identified:
* Seeking reviews for your work
* Writer’s block
* Should you share a first draft?
* Story structure
* The second act of your story and CBD oil
* Creativity and SMART goals

Does White Noise / Ambient Sound Actually Help Your Writing?

How to Maximise Instagram Engagement For Authors [Long Post]

Beginner’s Guide to creating a FREE Email List For Authors

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Free Email List For Authors #2

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Free Email List For Authors #3

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Free Email List For Authors #4

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Free Email List For Authors – Smartbribe

Choose Your Attitude

Mental health

The Health Benefits of Creativity (Including The Science!) – Creativity#1

How To Be More Creative – Creativity#2

Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How To Find The Best Time To Tweet [Lab]

Productivity Hacks for Busy People

Six Word Horror

Where Can I listen To Free Audiobooks?

32 Royalty-Free Image Sites With Examples

Challenging Negative Thoughts

How Do You Know If You’re An Author? Take The Author Test Today

GDPR and Consent for Authors

I wrote this shortly after GDPR (data protection) became law. There is a more recent update, but this was first.

How To Write a Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Blog Posts. How Long is Too Long?

Conversation starters, along with my answers!

Everything you always wanted to know about me but didn’t care enough to ask.

The Extra Cost of Being Disabled

Did you know it costs more to be disabled? Who Knew? I did.

Writing on the move! I’ve Discovered a New Tool!

A mobile writing app

Give your Readership a Massive Boost!

Growing your email list with Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie)

I hope there is something in there that is useful to you, and failing that I hope there is something in there that amuses you!

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