Expansion Pack: Comedy

I enjoy comedy and humour greatly, and Craig has some helpful pointers when introducing humour into your writing…

Story Empire

Hi, Gang. Craig with you again, and we’re going to try something different. It won’t work for everyone, but what does in this business?

I’m of the belief that you can’t just bleed for 300 pages. Even in serious tales you have to give the readers a breather. My go-to in those instances is a bit of humor. This can be a snarky comment or an unexpected moment, but something.

With no scientific evidence at all to back me up, I propose that humor might be one of the most planned bits in any story. Even on the written page, delivery is crucial.

I like to start off with a definition, but never found one that suited me. Comedy can involve misunderstanding, absurdity, physical elements, and more. In a novel, it’s more complex than telling a joke.

I’m going to give you a list of common elements. The idea is…

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