Six Word Horror Saturday

6 word horror

I hope you are well and all prepared for Christmas! I’ve made all my Christmas purchases for this year, now I just need to send out my daughter’s presents – she’s studying abroad at the moment in this very awkward Covid-19 year. I’d say she’s better off not being in the UK at the moment, but she’s in Germany, and I’m not sure they’re doing a whole lot better than us.

But to today and another set of six word horror stories. Well, they’re not stories s such, getting in a beginning, middle and end in in only six words is tough; two words for each part I suppose. No, what I’m trying for are six words that make you think ‘that doesn’t sound like a good situation to be in’.

Have a look at this week’s offerings and see if you can do better. Could any of them be turned into a longer piece of fiction?

Here we go…

“The portal’s open. Here they come!”

The bomb exploded. The poison dispersed.

The earth shook. The fissure opened.

“Dinosaurs are extinct.” “Then what’s that?”

And your bonus for today:

The alarm went off. work time.

person thinking

My question to you:

Put me to shame. Do better…

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