Six Word Horror Saturday

6 word horror

To be fair, at the moment, you just need to read the news headlines to get your six word horror fix for the week. I don’t want to focus on real world horror today, I have enough of that already, thank you.

What we’re doing here, is trying to write something that chills in just six words. Whilst six words is not many, try to imagine yourself is some of these predicaments or scenarios. Try to extrapolate it into a bigger piece. Does that make it more or less chilling?

Here’s today’s efforts for your perusal…

The door shook. It wouldn’t hold.

Provisions exhausted. Not long left now.

She sighed. The bite was visible.

The old man’s face began changing.

These are actually becoming potential jump off points for stories!

Here’s your bonus for today:

Brexit is still going to happen.

person thinking

My question to you:

What have you got that’s better?

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