Where Can I listen To Free Audiobooks?

I recently gave you my suggestion of some of Stephen King’s best short stories in audio form. I suggested that if you looked on YouTube, you could find all of those stories there, available for your listening pleasure.

But what if you don’t want to listen that way, evading copyright and all that good stuff? Are there any ways to get free audiobooks legitimately?

If I said ‘No’, that would make this a very short post, but luckily, the answer is ‘Yes’, there are places to go, and a lot of them.

If, like me, you enjoy a good audiobook, here’s where you can go:

The Library

This first one is perhaps obvious, but you can find all manner of audiobooks free to listen to at your local library. I remember borrowing books on 6 cassettes (google that, young people). Now, technology has advanced to where you can download digital audio files too listen to at your convenience on your phone, computer, MP3 player etc.

This is from my local council’s website. Your own may be different, so check it out! Usually all it requires is for you to be a member (free where I am).


Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format.
Each book contains an abstract and a word count. You can search for particular books, by genre, collections and readability.
There is a lot to choose from!


Loyalbooks.com boasts over 7000 public Domain books! That’s more books than you can shake a stick at. You can search by the many genres or by language. This site used to be called booksshouldbefree.com

Project Gutenberg

A volunteer-led project, Gutenberg is the world’s oldest digital library. You can download books in several formats. Click the link above to go straight to the browse selection page.

Here’s a sample of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


Public domain texts read by volunteers from around the world. As well as books, you also have access to poetry, non fiction and a large number of radio dramas.

Sample: The collected public domain works of H.P. Lovecraft


Large selection of free audiobooks
Sample: The Last Question – Isaac Asimov


Children audiobooks

Learn Out Loud

Educational audiobooks, podcasts and videos


Now this is a paid service BUT you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and download as much as you want, then you can keep all these downloads even if you cancel your subscription.


I mentioned these last time, along with the convoluted way you go about getting a book to listen to.

Well there you have it. A bunch of ways to listen to some classic audiobooks. I’m going to start in on the H.P. Lovecraft collection, I think.

4 thoughts on “Where Can I listen To Free Audiobooks?

  1. I use Project Gutenberg for historical books and diaries that are out of print, Steve. I am a lucky lady as my husband bought me a subscription to Audible and I get three credits a month for the whole year. He renews it every year for me. I also listen to a lot of classic books.

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      1. I have listened to a number of BBC radio show productions. A large number of Agatha Christie’s books which are great as radio shows and War of the Worlds [terrific!]. I also listened to the works of the Bronte sisters although those aren’t for everyone. The only issue is they do shorten the longer works.

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