5 More Zombie Movies – What To Watch During A Pandemic #2

Last week I gave you my top 7 best zombie movies to watch during the pandemic, and hope Covid-19 does not go that way.

There were many excellent films I omitted from that list simply because there are so many good ones, so today I hop to go at least part way to rectifying that with a continuation of that list.

These films all have zombies in them (except one), but are slightly different from the ones on the last list (think animated, comedy etc).

So, once more, let me lay bare my guilty zombie pleasures in no particular order…

Seoul Station (2016)

Animated zombies running rampant in downtown Seoul. What’s not to like. A father is looking for his daughter amongst all the chaos.

28 Days Later (2002)

Not strictly zombies, the infected in this tense British flick are carrying the ‘Rage’ virus that turns them into crazed killing machines. This film brought the concept of fast ‘zombies’ to us, which are at least 3.5x more scary.

Zombieland (2013)

My first comedy entry.
‘Columbus’ lives by his own set of rules when it comes to surviving Zombieland, the USA infected by, you guessed it, zombies. He teams up with Woody Harrelson’s character to trek across country and hilarity ensues.
Bill Murray makes an appearance. Funny man.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Right at the top of the zombie comedy tree sits this Simon Pegg and Nick Frost gem. Shaun needs to rescue his girlfriend and her parents and save him and his mate by doing the only sensible thing in a zombie apocalypse: going to the pub and waiting for it all to blow over.Lots of LOL moments to be had.

One Cut Of The Dead (2017)

Next to Shaun of the Dead, this film contains some of the most hilarious zombie-based comedy around. I can’t say much about this film without spoiling it, but when you start watching, it looks just like a low-budget zombie film, which it is for the first half hour. But stick with it because the payoff comes after that.
The camera keeps rolling for the entirety of the film, hence ‘One Cut’, which is miraculous by itself.
***Edit – after writing this post, I watched One Cut again, and I’ve decided it takes my top spot in comedy horror***

If you watch only 2 films on this list, make it the last 2.

person thinking

My question to you:

Any other ‘niche’ zombie flicks I should be watching?

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