Road To A [Horror] Comic – October And Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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This is harder than I anticipated. Not the drawing part – I knew how difficult that was going to be. No, I’m referring to fitting in all the things I want to do!

I lost my job (spoiler alert) last year and that has given me plenty of free time to get on with all my creative pursuits (something for an upcoming post, I feel), but what this also has done, is very negatively affected my Multiple Sclerosis. As a result, I now only have one useful hand for typing, and even that is usually only good for 500-1500 words a day. Then try to draw after all that!

I have a few more recent drawings to share with you but I know i need to progress to more than just faces. I’ll share one effort with you at the end, a potential scene from the aforementioned comic. It’s still unfinished, but just like my writing and my drawing (to start with), I feel there will need to be lots of consistent practice and lots of feeling unhappy with the end result.

Anyway, what do I have to offer this month…?

I start off with a selection of faces. I’ve become quite confident with these now. I know i’ve got to move out of my comfort zone, and I will. Give me time!

This first selection depicts how I used to feel, to how I feel now…

I tried some more, this time trying to create a character for my story. He’s an older guy, so some are more relevant than others…

Yeah. All very impressive (to me at least) but I’m not going to be drawing a comic made up of just faces. I need to push the boat out and try to draw some full figures.

Why would I want to step out of my comfort zone?

There are many reasons to do this and I’m talking about all walks of life, all creative experiences, not just drawing?

It teaches humility

Realising it’s okay not to be an expert at everything (see my blog as evidence). Being a beginner is okay.

Identifies other strengths –

It may be other strengths, or it could just be realising you can do more in a particular field. My writing (and drawing) is nowhere near expert level, but it has improved massively from my day one efforts, and I’m sure I can do more. You can too.

Realise you aren’t the first person to try this

Check out some YouTube videos or read some blogs from your chosen field. Chances are, you’ll find a supportive community to help you. I make a point of liking and commenting on Instagram posts / blog posts when I see someone that is jus starting out or trying to develop a skill because that’s where I feel I am, even after all this time. Do it. leave a comment on someone’s blog that doesn’t have many (any). Make their day.

Learn what excuses really sound like

Just like the ones I started off with: “I don’t have the time / ability / function”. They’re the ones I told myself a year ago, and it led to me putting my life on hold. Just imagine what I could have done in those 12 months. What level would my drawing / writing be at now?
I don’t think there’s a magic bullet for this one. I just needed to stop making excuses and look for ways to make it happen (he says, 3000 words into the day’s writing).

It helps me be a role model for my children

Although I’ve never been able to do all the ‘dad’ things I thought I would with my children, they’ve seen me striving to be better every day. They’ve seen me putting out books and stories that people can read and comment on. They’ve seen me turn my hand to new things.
That’s what I want for them: not being afraid to try new things; not being afraid to try and fail; not being afraid to be new a beginner at something; not being afraid to seek help.

I got some ideas for this section from Anna Harrison, Education Specialist.

Right, so onto my full figure efforts. This first (man in red) was just something that came to me one day, the second is copied from a most excellent artist. The pose is all his, but any errors are all mine. Seriously, check out his Instagram page.

Finally, I promised it at the beginning, here is a first attempt at a panel from near to the end of my story. It’s clearly not finished…

That’s it for this month. I need a sit down. Sounds strange coming from a wheelchair user, but there you go.

person thinking

My question to you:

How easy do you find it to step out of your comfort zone?

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