Road to a [horror] Comic – Sept 2020 #2

Horror comic | graphic novel | sketching

Another two weeks have passed and I’ve got more progress to share. This whole idea came about in January 2019 when I had the ‘great’ idea to turn one of my short stories into a show comic strip. The only problem (and its a big one) was that I couldn’t really draw. I’m not looking to have tis on sale, you know, something to rival Marvel and other comic greats, no, I’m doing this purely as a creative endeavour, and if you read my recent post on creativity, hopefully you will understand why.

But I still wanted the people to look like people and not some alien blob-things, so I began this journey towards improving to the point where I was not embarrassed to show my work to someone other than my mum.

So to this last two week’s efforts:

Drawing heads that are slightly turned (three quarter view) is HARD! I reverted back to pencil and paper for this fella, but he looks a bit strange as I look at him. Shoulders too pointy? He’s not the kind of character I have in mind for the story and he’s probably got a bit too much detail to draw multiple times! Next…

Ultimately, I realise I can’t have a comic that is only people’s faces. It wouldn’t be very exciting! So I ventured into a full body. Only straight on, but this guy at least has all his limbs in the right place and in the correct proportions plus I drew this one with no reference; that means I made it up! Does it look like he had a toiling accident, though?

This guy is not too bad.the main problem I see here, is that there is far too much detail for a basic comic, like the one I have in mind. Oh yes, the other problem I noticed after I saved it, was that he appears to have NO EYEBROWS. Damn.

Another face-on portrait. Too much shading. nice picture. not right for comic art.

I was thinking of Stephen King’s Gunslinger when I started to scribble this one. Turned out okay, a bit closer to the look I’m going for.

I’ll close the lid here on this instalment, but will say that I’m struggling to fit in all the things I have to do, so I’m going to drop this back to monthly for the foreseeable future. I’m finding my hands only work for a limited amount of time each day, and whilst I can dictate my writing, I haven’t yet figured out a way to dictate my drawing.

This series is as much for me to keep a track on my progress as it is for anything else. It was reading something similar that inspired me to try my hand at drawing, so if it is of interest to you as well as me, all the better!

You can find me on Instagram for more in my progress.

Until next time. Be creative.

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