Get If for Free! Embers on Kindle

Something to grab before it’s gone – act quickly!

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As I said yesterday, I am doing a promotion on my book of short stories, Embers. For the next 5 days, the Kindle version will be free! That is October 2 through October 6. Get a copy today while it is free! (And leave a review 😉).

Embers is my second book of short stories. There are two novellas, plus two more stories that are almost novella length. Even though there are a few very short stories, the average length of story is more than double those in Seasons of Imagination.


Meeting at that corner of time where day and night become one, where dreams and reality mix, let’s stir the coals of that fire called ‘imagination’ to discover an eclectic mix of short stories. Each story is a bit of frozen flame, an ember, that can flare up in your mind.

These embers form a…

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