Why The Writing Validation You Are Searching For Might Never Be Found #AmWriting

wouldn’t normally reblog 2 posts so close together but this seemed o relevant to the mental health post i made last week. Some good advice in here…

Lucy Mitchell

Inside the minds of most writers the same questions must rotate on a regular basis.

These include:

– Am I a good writer?

– Am I good enough to write a book?

– Do I have what it takes to write a decent book?

– Do I have what it takes to sell books?

– Are my stories good enough to attract an agent or publisher?

– Am I capable of acquiring good reviews?

– Is my writing good enough?

Some writers decide not to waste their time answering the questions and some writers spend too much time trying to answer the questions in their head. *Raises hand*

The writers in the latter camp, rush out into the world, searching high and low for some form of external validation, to help answer the questions about their writing pinging around their head.

Are they a good writer?

It’s a tough question…

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