Road to a [Horror] Comic – Sept 2020

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Way back when, I had decided that I would try to create my own comic book version of one of my short stories, and every couple of weeks or so, I was posting my progress towards that end.

Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, life kinda stepped in the way, and those posts (along with all the other posts) were shelved, and this blog went to sleep. For a whole year.

I found writing incredibly difficult. If I’m honest, I found thinking incredibly difficult.

The one thing that continued over that year, my one creative outlet, was my drawing. As I previously noted, in order to draw a comic, I’d first have to learn how to draw, and you can check out my efforts in the ‘comic’ category.

But we’re a year on now and have things improved?

First thing to say is that Christmas 2019 (remember that? A time before Covid 19) I received a gift of a drawing tablet for my Mac. It inspired me to push on and improve my drawing and art., both digital and paper based.

So, what were the results?

This was my first ever attempt with a drawing tablet. You will notice a lot of the characters are older men. That’s because I think their faces are more interesting, but also because the short story I have in mind is about a group of elderly men. It might also be because I’m heading that way myself. This first attempt was okay, but more work is needed.

Attempting to work on clothes here. I figured I would have all my characters wearing clothes. It’s a personal preference.

Another grumpy old man. My linework is improving. Drawing on a tablet whilst looking at the screen is weird at first, but your brain catches on quite quickly.

This is the guy I imagined at my local store, stopping people from buying too many cans of rice pudding or too many rolls of toilet paper. I did this one back in March of this year and it was quite pertinent at the time if you recall. If you don’t, don’t worry, I’m sure we will be back there soon enough.

Finally I present to you this guy who represents my best work from the first half of the year.

I’ll go back to fortnightly posting I think – I don’t want my new-found enthusiasm for creativity to be stifled because I can’t keep up with unrealistic goals **important mental health safety tip**

I know some of you now follow me on Instagram, where I have been posting many more updates. If you aren’t, why not 😉 You can follow me on Instagram HERE or click the Instagram logo in the sidebar.

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My question for you:

How did you pass the time during Covid lockdown (cos we’re gonna be locked down again soon)?

5 thoughts on “Road to a [Horror] Comic – Sept 2020

  1. Honestly bit was awful but if you wanted to know you’d have to read my #WDIIA posts, and there are a lot of them they are full of a Covid19 death , a funeral, then me getting ill, in and out of hospital, a cholosectomy drain for three months, hubby being picked on abused by and threatened with the police by his nasty brother, not seeing our lads or our grandchildren… I am still waiting for an operation so I am having to shield! Lol and we are a normal family…I bet you wished you hadn’t asked 💜

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