Toolkit: How to build a newsletter list [Reblog] – Ownyourcontent

In addition to my recent posts on building an email list, I came across this post over on ownyourcontent. It’s a constantly growing library of resources that can be used when ‘building your platform.’ There’s a lot of useful stuff here, and I recommend giving it a look over.

You can check out my recent series of posts on the subject:

Toolkit: How to build a newsletter list

This toolkit is a growing library of wisdom that highlights the hurdles of owning your content and building your platform. We not only curate the wisdom from creative leaders and artists, but also from the community—a balance of both, like cheese and wine—so that you’re supported and empowered to build your home on the internet.

An important piece to owning your content is also having a direct connection to people who want to hear from you. Although it is the oldest publishing platform on the internet, email is unquestionably reliable, you can take your list with you, and it is decentralized and untainted by algorithms and companies with hidden agendas. A newsletter is the single greatest asset you can build for yourself that pushes you to commit to the long-haul.

Truth is, it’s harder to get popular on social media than it is to grow a newsletter list of humans that are eager to receive your messages. You’ll scream so much on social media you’ll end up losing your voice, whereas with newsletters, you have to be thoughtful, clear, and useful. Aren’t all of those skills worth nurturing?

To read the whole post click HERE

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