How You Can Improve Newsletter Results [Reblog] – PH Solomon

I’ve talked recently about getting your email list set up and how you can go about adding people to that list. What I didn’t talk about was what you do after that. Most people approach it with a newsletter, but if you’ve ever tried that and looked at the results, you may be disheartened.

PH Solomon has some suggestions as to how you can improve your results.

How You Can Improve Newsletter Results

JUNE 17, 2019 / P. H. SOLOMON

Hello to all the Story Empire readers, PH here today. I hope everyone had a good Father’s Day weekend and good time spent with family.

If you’ve tried running a newsletter, you may have sent out a message and looked at the results, hoping for lots of opens and clicks in your statics. Instead, you see moribund results with few opens, clicks and a higher rate of unsubscriptions. Just a few weeks ago, I shared tips to improve getting your newsletter into inboxes and out of spam folders, even avoiding some of those dreaded unsubscriptions. Today, I’ll share a few tips that may get you a few more opens when you send messages and possibly mitigate readers from unsubscribing.

Often, when you send and how often you send may provide you with better results. Here are a few ways to address these two issues:

  1. Send on a specific day of the week and try to stick with  a schedule. Some people find Sunday mornings work well, others on Monday. You have to test this some, something I’ll discuss a little more along in this post. You can figure out the best day for you and then use that information to improve your overall results.

Read the whole post HERE

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