6 Tips for Adding Life to Your Locations [Reblog] Nicholas Rossis

Jut read a post from Author Nicholas Rossis about adding life to you locations. My current WIP is set mainly in one location, but I want to ensure I set that one location up in the bed way possible.

Nicholas post is a summary of another which he recommends you read as well, but for now, there’s a lot here to work on:

6 Tips for Adding Life to Your Locations

Jun 9, 2019 | Writing

Cafe bar | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book

One of my favorite writing resources, Mythic Scribes, recently shared some great tips on using your locations to bring your story to life. Here is my summary. As always, you are encouraged to check out the original post for more.

The whole point they are making is that by giving your readers a chance to insert themselves into a location or scene, they’ll make it their own, bringing it to life in their heads. It’s no longer just a description, but a place that exists in their mind, and which they helped create themselves.

As to how you can accomplish that, here are the tips:

1. Level of Detail

Don’t get bogged down in details. Quite often in writing, less is more. This is definitely the case with locations. Readers aren’t stupid. Unless something is completely outlandish, most people will be able to fill in any blanks in the descriptions they read. If the color of the floor isn’t important to the story, there’s no need to mention it. There’s no need to even mention that there is a floor. It’s enough to say there’s a room, and readers will assume there is a floor.

To read the whole post, click HERE

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