Road To A [Horror] Comic: Weeks 12-14

Horror comic | graphic novel | sketching

Another 2 weeks in the bag, and it’s looking more likely that a fortnight posting schedule for these updates is more realistic, as I have quite a bit going on in my life at the moment.

That’s not an excuse, and the drawing is still happening, in fact, the drawing is perhaps the one thing that is keeping me sane at the moment, well, that and Pink Floyd. Even my writing has taken a back seat for the moment. Luckily I had scheduled in several blog posts, otherwise this blog would have been quiet for the last three weeks.

Anyway, the good news is that today, I’m actually sat in front of my Mac, typing up this blog post, and I’m looking at the images I’ve drawn in the past couple of weeks, and I’m actually pleased with my progress so far, which is a big deal for me to say that, because just like my writing, I’m super-critical of my drawing.

This last couple of weeks, I have been concentrating on faces, and have been transitioning from something more realistic to something a bit more simplistic. Still, I think they have been coming along just fine.

The slideshow above is my first attempt at a head from multiple angles. It was supposed to depict a man turning towards us. The more of these I draw, the better I’ll get, plus it gives me some ideas for the comic itself.

Images from my imagination. I’m still looking for a lead character for my comic. I imagine he looks more like glasses-guy above that the other two.

Definite improvement. I’m in need of an older-looking character, as all the main guys in the short story I’m converting are living in a retirement home, and are all 70+ years old.

Although I couldn’t see it happening at the time, the improvement in three and a bit months is more noticeable when I look back over the images that I’ve posted in this series. Doing a little every day has paid dividends and I hope to turn that technique to my writing, which, for the last four weeks, has been sporadic at best. But I do think it shows an important point, which is that the best way to improve, is to practice. Just like my faces were poor in the early days, constant, daily practice has turned that around. Now the next big challenge is bodies, arms and legs. They’ve not been turning out too well, but I hope that if I practice like I have with the faces, they will also improve.

Last picture for today is another version of the first panel for the comic. I like this better than the one I tried last time. See what you think:

Now, time to get back to some writing.

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