Serial Saturday [Horror]: The Photograph #2

Another week in the bag, and let me tell you, I’m feeling good about that! Not that I’m another week older, but it’s one week closer to the end of a whole mess of **** that I’m going through at the moment. Life can kick you in the rear end some times and leave you floundering.

Enough about me and onto today’s instalment of The Photograph. Last time we met protagonist, BIFF KELLER, being interviewed by police. Without any further ado, let’s press on…

“Mr Keller-” Curtis held up both hands as Biff looked about to protest again.  “Mr Keller, can we stick to the case at hand, please?  I believe you were telling us about Mr Langdon.”

“Yes, I was.  It’s all damned strange, you know.  I’ve never seen the likes of it.  Not even during the war.”  He looked at his reflection in the mirror for a moment and smoothed his hair down again.  “And I could tell you a tale or two that would turn your hair white, just like that.” He snapped his fingers.

“I’m sure, Mr Keller. You’re a bit young for the Second World War I think.  Let’s stick to Mr Langdon.”

“Falklands War, young man. I was out there fighting for Blighty since before you were born, laddo.”  He sat forward in his seat, pointing at the young detective.  Curtis said nothing and eventually Biff sank back in his seat.  “Langdon, yes. Good man.”

Washe though?”  Curtis flipped a page in his notepad and spent a moment reading the notes there.  “It says here, that his wife – Laverne – had started to notice a change in his behaviour, particularly over the last two weeks.  She couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was, but she said that something had troubled him.  He had become,” he said glancing back down at his notes, “secretive.”

“Well I don’t know anything about that, but the Thorley I knew was a good man.  We served together, you know.”

“I didn’t, but thank you.” He slipped the notepad back inside his jacket pocket.

“Are you not going to write that down?”  Biff asked, and Curtis shook his head.  

“Do you think he was playing away?”

“Excuse me?” 

“Affair.  Do you think he was having an affair, Mr Keller?”

Biff waved the suggestion away.  

“Affair? Thorley?  I very much doubt it.”  He laughed at what he saw as the ridiculous nature of the question.  “I’ve known Thorley and Sparrow for almost fifty years.  They’ve been married for almost all of them.”

“That doesn’t really answer my question, sir.”

“No, I don’t think he was having an affair.  He was very much in love with Sparrow.  They lost their only son, not long after we left the navy.  Did you know thatone?”

“We did Mr Keller, but I don’t think it is pertinent in his disappearance.”

“Not pertinent?  Have you seen the photograph?”

“Of course we have. What I want to know from you, Mr Keller, is do you think he could have run away?”

“Whatever for?  His wife and friends are here.”

“See, I think that’s the reason he ran.  It can happen at any time in life, at any age.  Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy meets other girl and realises girl number one was not the one.  And hey presto,” he threw his arms up into the air, “Mr Langdon disappears.”

“Is that what you think?” Biff leaned forwards in his chair, frowning at the detectives.  “I feel sorry for you.  Too long in the job, I would say.  You’re seeing guilt and deception everywhere.  Let me tell you what happened.”

“I do wish you would.” Detective Daly spoke up from behind Curtis.  He dragged a second chair alongside Curtis and sat down.  “Please Mr Keller, tell us what happened.”

“You might want to write this down.”  He mimed writing on his hand.  Curtis pointed to the recording device and Biff nodded.  “Right.  Well I first knew something was wrong about two weeks ago.  I was in the library reading.  Do young people still do that?”  Curtis and Daly said nothing.  “I was reading the Gazette.  Some poor woman and her three children killed in a gas explosion.  Very sad.  Did you hear about that?”

“Please try and limit you answers to the facts concerning Mr Langdon.”

“Sorry.  Where was I? Oh yes, the library.  I was reading the paper, and who comes in to find me, but Sparrow.  Laverne. She’s in a bit of a state.”

“Define ‘state’ please Mr Keller.”

“Well, you know, she was all flustered.  All of a tizzy.  She came straight over to me, and sat down next to me.  Of course, I ask her what the matter was.  ‘It’s Thorley’ she tells me.  He hadn’t been home for two days.  Two days is not long, but when you’ve been together as long as they have, any break in routine stands out.

And so ends another episode. Hope you’re enjoying it so far! More to come next week…

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