How To Build An Author Platform – Reblog: David Gaughran

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Have you ever considered your author platform? Do you give much time over to building it?

Hold on – what the hell even IS an author platform? Clue: it’s not a stage where you stand to read your book.

Have no fear, because author David Gaughran sets out this handy guide t building and developping your platform (once you’ve found out what it is).

Visit his blog to find out this and much more.

How To Build An Author Platform

What is an author platform? Which elements should it contain? And is any of this stuff more important than just writing another book? Perhaps not. But certain aspects of an author platform are important tools for reaching readers and, especially, for holding on to them. 

The topic can be confusing as everyone seems to be mean something different by the term. And then this problem is compounded by a lot of terrible advice proliferating, quite frankly. Number-chasing nonsense which doesn’t serve anyone.

Even the term “platform” seems to be quite nebulous and elastic — fertile ground for snake-oil salesmen. Let’s nail that down first:

Author Platform – A Definition

Everyone will agree a website is part of an author platform, as well as any blog and your various presences on all the different social media channels, if applicable. But what about your email list? Personally, I think it’s most useful to be open here.

An author platform is a writer’s collective presence on the internet.

Some dude.

That seems pretty straight forward and uncontroversial. Where opinions diverge is with regard to what an author platform is truly for, and what it should contain. And people often skip over the first part of that and jump right to the second. But it’s hard to know if you’re building the right tool if you don’t know what it will be used for.

Read the whole post HERE

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