Road To A [Horror] comic: week 10-12

First of all, apologies for missing last week’s update. I had a bit of upheaval at work and as a result, my output was significantly down. I’ve been a bit more active this week and have made some more progress in that i’ve actually made an attempt to create an initial version of the first panel of the comic, and I’ll post that at the end of this update.

So what have I managed to turn out in the last couple of weeks? Well it is another mixed bag, primarily because I figured they were quite important!

So I started out with this bad boy:

So, the pros first: it is recognisable as a face; it has the right amount of eyes and ears. The cons: neck is a bit long; not really a face for a horror story. Never mind, always onwards and upwards.

Now I was pleased with this one, because his mouth is doing something other than nothing, and his eyes give you at lest a vague impression of what he’s shouting (hint: it’s ‘who has taken my Maltesers?’).

I think I have definitely improved over these last few months, and most of what I draw comes out of my head, although I still believe there is a lot that can be learned from copying others that have more skill than you. That works in writing as well as drawing, so don’t feel bad to copy another author’s style. Next face:

I don’t know why, but this guy strikes me as someone that could be running as a Democrat Presidential candidate for 2020. Or a new Tory party frontrunner. Either way, he just looks plain and boring.

Okay so this last fortnight was a good period for drawing faces. Now I’ve got to apply that to whole people and situations. That, I think, will be my aim now, certainly until I realise I can’t do it! I think the first task will be to settle on a look for the three main characters and being able to depict them from a number of angles without the reader wondering who the hell they are looking at!

With that in mind, my very first effort, combining everything I’ve learned so far:

Okay, so more work is needed. But anything good is worth hard work, right?

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