Why The Headlines You Choose for Your Blog Posts Matter [Reblog] – Christian Mihai

SEO (search engine optimisation) is something I’ve looked at in the past and intend to go back and look at again. When I get the chance, I will go back over a lot of my old posts and correct a lot of SEO mistakes I made at the time.

One of the things I will be looking at is covered over on Artofblogging by Christian Mihai:

Why The Headlines You Choose for Your Blog Posts Matter

What is the first thing you notice when browsing a blog’s front page?

What grabs your attention when reading news articles? What makes you want to click on a link?

Yeah, headlines are that important.

Yet most people work hard on a post, and just before they hit that “Publish” button do they stop and think about their title.

It’s not how this works.

First the headline, then everything else.


Because headlines can be the difference between having your post read or ignored.

Of course, there are no rules that will guarantee your post gets noticed, but you might want to consider some of the following.

Read the whole post HERE

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