4 thoughts on “Weeknd Music Share – Fanfare For The Common Man – Emmerson, Lake and Palmer

  1. Cyberspouse had the ELP record when I first new him and I loved it, with no idea they had borrowed the tune from Copeland. I still prefer their version, but Cyberspouse say he prefers the orchestral Copeland. I would love to be in the orchestra banging the drums. looking forward to what you come up with next week.

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    1. I have enjoyed the ELP version since I heard it a few years back, but since hearing the orchestra do the Copeland version, I’m torn now. Also thinking I may do a bonus music share ‘orchestral edition!’

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  2. I have to go with the ELP version. It’s an iconic piece of music that always reminds me of ‘running.’ I think it would make a great tune to work out to while at the gym (not that I have been to a gym for many years), but can also see why many would find it a relaxing tune.

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