That Hero’s Journey Monomyth Thingie, Part Two

The second part of Craig’s guide to the hero’s journey….

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig here again with part two of my series on story structure. The Hero’s Journey isn’t the only structure, but it’s the most popular. That’s why I’m tackling it.

If you missed part one, you can read it here:

I layer the monomyth over three act structure. That’s a whole different sequence of posts, but nothing is exclusive here. This is just a lens to assess your story through. At this point, we’re coming to the end of Act One. This is the next step.

The First Threshold: This is the point of no return. Whether you have one character, some buddies, a mentor, etc, this is the step into the special world. Keep in mind it is not the big picture just yet. It’s only a taste.

This is the place for a commitment. A prophesy says that Harry Dresden must not seek the shroud of…

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