Road to a [Horror] Comic: Week 6-7

I have to admit to a slow week this week. I had quite a setback (read destroyed) when the choose your own adventure book I was writing was lost. Totally and utterly. I was literally on the last fifty words the other night, but when I came back in the morning, it was gone… Its browser based, so it’s not like I should have saved it to my hard drive. and didn’t. I exported the file regularly, but it just won’t import. Bummer.

So that was the start of the week, which set me back a bit. Sent me into a bit of a downward spiral. I’m heading out to see Avengers: End Game in about an hour, so I’m hoping that cheers me up.

But on to this week, and my comic.

I’m feeling like my drawing is definitely improving. although I feel that I have strayed off my focussed path a little and am not really focussing on any one aspect of my drawing, just kind of moving around from subject to subject.

I started the week off trying to create my characters. I figured I had better be able to draw them from various angles, otherwise it would make following the story difficult if you couldn’t recognise a character from one panel to the next! I am probably going to use some other defining features anyway to differentiate the characters (such as hair, clothes, glass etc) but I at least wanted to have a good go at making their faces look reasonably consistent.

I’ve drawn one more character, but he’s not looking as good as the man above! All the characters in the story live in a retirement community, and all are 70 years old or above, which is why they look the way they do!

This is just a selection of my random sketching. I started drawing a storyboard for the first few panels of the comic, and I wanted to try drawing characters in the positions that I envisaged them, which is why you can see a guy knocking o a door above.. That’s going to happen quite early in the story.

Next I thought I would start to focus on some of the more troublesome feature os the characters, namely the nose, ears and hands. Her’s some of the ears, didn’t photograph the eyes.

And the hands:

Which I didn’t think went too badly. One final picture for you, is me trying to draw a fist. Something I think there may be a lot of in this story:

Not bad either, and I drew them with a pen. No deleting! Plus, I did them at work when no one was looking.

On to next week, and more of the same I think. Im thinking about how to get interesting poses out of the characters, as they are not super heroes, so will not be leaping and flying around!

Join me on Instagram and cheer me along – I need all the help I can get!

Apologies for the late post this week. I had a minor (major) problem yesterday! I hope to be back on schedule next week.

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