Road to a [Horror] Comic: Week 5-6

graphic novel | Horror comic

This week has been difficult as I’ve tried to juggle a week off work (family time) with my writing (several lengthy blog posts) and this comic. Oh, I’m also trying to watch Game of Thrones for the first time, so trying to fit in at least an episode every day has come in to my planning as well. Please don’t comment with any spoilers!

I feel like I’ve made good progress with my drawing in the last six weeks. I just need to keep practicing and practicing. If I’m honest, I’m itching to get started on the comic for real, So I’m thinking that next week, I will start work on creating images for some of the main characters.

But, to this week:

I started off the week working on copying an image from an artist with a ton more skill than me. And I don’t think there’s any problem with that. I think emulating others is part of the way that we can learn to improve at whatever it is we are trying. It’s certainly how I learn with my writing: I read a lot from authors who are better than me. I don’t do it to copy, or to pass their work off as my own, but rather to take elements of their style and craft and incorporate it into my own work.

The same is true in drawing; I copy other’s work to improve my own. In this first image, I was trying to gauge the appropriate proportions for this running figure. What you don’t see are the half dozen tries I had before I got to that stage. Each version enabled me to look at what had gone before, where I had gone wrong, and then to identify how to correct it.

graphic novel | Horror comic

I don’t think it turned out too bad, but it has given me a better understanding of foreshortening amongst other things. In the next image, I stayed with copying, but went for a bit more of a neutral pose, something that my elderly characters are more likely to do, than the image above!

graphic novel | Horror comic

This man is good because everything is in proportion. Not so good is his left arm. I don’t think I got that quite right. But drawing this enabled me to attempt draw a couple more full body efforts, which turned out okay.

Next, I reverted back to a couple of heads, just to make sure I could still do them:

graphic novel | Horror comic

They turned out okay. I’m just not great at the adding hair part yet! I guess all my characters could be bald? I tried one more, another copy, this one with a helmet on, removing the need for hair!

graphic novel | Horror comic

Now, whilst I am not super-happy with this head, there were positives, and I think it’s important to realise that. It is a half-decent 3/4 head, and his mouth is something other than a single line. I spent some time practising hands and features, but they’re hard, so I pressed on with more heads:

You’ll notice I attempted different facial features on these guys, with mixed results! I need more practice at faces!

graphic novel | Horror comic

My last one today was all my own work. I like the idea of something coming off the page towards me, hence the pointing finger. The face needs work. And that’s just my face.

On to next week. I’m going to try hard to create my characters. There will be two main characters and a couple of other bit-part players, plus another couple of extras, so that’s a lot to work on! I’m still enjoying it, which is most important to me at the moment.


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