Six Simple Writing Tips

As someone revising his first novel, any help is appreciated, and these tips seem like good advice to me…

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Blogs, millions of blogs. Some have ten-thousand readers, and some have none. Why?

One reason is that some are well-written, and some are not.

If Sally’s writing is crisp and clear, and Mike’s is cluttered and pretentious, littered with words like “pretentious,” people will choose Sally.

Jericho is inspired and creative. Words magically flow from his pen. He knows that revising will take from the original beauty, so he posts his first, wondrous draft. Sally believes that good writing comes from hard work rather than inspiration, so she follows the rules, proof-reads, and ruthlessly edits.

Again, we choose Sally.

Here are six simple tips to help you write like Sally.

  1. Reread and revise.

Do I really need to include this? Yes, I do. Sally paid attention in third grade. Where were you?

You will not “lose your voice” by correcting spelling errors, cutting repetitive…

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